# Workflow Extensions

This section of the site is dedicated to Workflow Extensions.

You can find the official Workflow Extensions documentation here.

If you want a real-world example of a Workflow Extension, you can look at CommandPost.

# Frequently Asked Questions

# Why do developers make Workflow Extension icon's greyscale?

Apple recommends using a greyscale icon - but why?

Most Workflow Extensions icons are greyscale - for example:

However, SOME are in colour.

So why do third party developers make greyscale icons?

If the user only has a single Workflow Extension installed, rather than having a Dropdown List, Final Cut Pro will just display that single Workflow Extension in the toolbox.

For example, here's BRAW Toolbox:

This looks good.

But if we look at Audio Design Desk's DAWBridge, which has a coloured icon:

It looks like this in Final Cut Pro when it's the only Workflow Extension installed:

Given this, we strongly recommend you use a greyscale icon for Workflow Extensions.

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