# Tools & Frameworks

This section of the site is dedicated third party developer tools and frameworks.

# A

# Airlift

Airlift provides and automated method to upload & merge *.csv or *.json data files with attachments to Airtable database.

Some of the core features include :

  • Automated uploading of .csv or .json data to Airtable
  • Ability to update and auto-create new entries for single select field and multiple select field
  • No subscription of third party platform required
  • Ability to upload attachments via build-in Dropbox client
  • Ability to upload attachments to multiple attachment columns
  • Uses long-lived refresh token for Dropbox client

If you are a FCP user or developer who is trying to send or upload data to Airtable, you can use our tool!

Spearheaded by Vigneswaran Rajkumar.

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# C

# CSV2Notion Neo

CSV2Notion Neo provides an advance method to upload & merge *.csv files to Notion.

Some of the core features include :

  • Actually merge CSV with existing database rows (not just add new ones), first column will be used as a key
  • Manually set column types instead of relying on autodetection
  • Automatically link or create new entries in relation columns based on their value
  • Upload files into "Files & media" column
  • Upload image file used for cover or icon

If you are a FCP user or developer who is trying to send or upload data to Notion, you can use our tool!

Spearheaded by Vigneswaran Rajkumar.

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# D

# DAWFileKit

A Swift library for reading and writing common import/export file formats between popular DAW and video editing applications with the ability to convert between formats.

Format Read Write
Cubase: Track Archive XML yes† yes†
Pro Tools: Session Info text file yes n/a
Standard MIDI File planned yes
Logic Pro X‡ future? future?
Final Cut Pro XML (FCPXML) yes future?
Adobe Premiere XML future? future?

† Full read/write support for Cubase Track Archive XML files is implemented for tracks with absolute timebase, as well as tracks with musical timebase where the tempo track uses only 'Jump' tempo events and there are no 'Ramp' tempo events

‡ Research is needed for Logic Pro X to determine what file formats are common and the viability of their implementation

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# F

# FxCore

FxCore is a node-based compositing engine inspired by Quartz Composer and designed for the demanding workloads of visual effects hosted by video applications.

FxCore powers the most advanced products you see in FxFactory, providing Metal GPU acceleration to our plugins running in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion.

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# FxKit

An open-source (MIT License) Swift implementation of FxPlug plugins for Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion.

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# M

# MarkersExtractor (CLI & Library)

MarkersExtractor is Marker metadata extraction and conversion tool for Final Cut Pro. It is both a CLI Tool and an API Library.

Some of the core features include :

  • Accurately extract Markers from FCP's FCPXML/FCPXMLD
  • Ability to batch extract and render stills or animated GIFs based on each marker's timecode
  • Ability to batch burn-in labels of each marker's metadata onto the stills or animated GIFs

Spearheaded by Vigneswaran Rajkumar.

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# O

# OpenTimelineIO

OpenTimelineIO is an interchange format and API for editorial cut information. OTIO contains information about the order and length of cuts and references to external media. It is not however, a container format for media.

For integration with applications, the core OTIO library is implemented in C++ and provides an in-memory data model, as well as library functions for interpreting, manipulating, and serializing that data model. Within the core is a dependency-less library for dealing strictly with time, opentime.

The project also supports an official python binding, which is intended to be an idiomatic and ergonomic binding for python developers. The python binding includes a plugin system which supports a number of different types of plugins, most notably adapters, which can be used to read and write legacy formats into the OTIO data model.

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# P

# Pipeline Neo

Pipeline Neo is a Swift framework for working with FCPXML files easily.

Originally developed by Reuel Kim and it is no longer maintained. Pipeline Neo was created as a spin-off project to fix and update the library when necessary.

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# S

# SubtitleKit

Package for creating, modifying, and managing subtitle files, such as SubRip (.srt).

Supported formats

Format File extension Is supported
SubRip .srt Yes
WebVTT .vtt Partially
SubViewer .sub No
YouTube Captions .sbv No
TTML .ttml No
DXFP .dxfp No

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# T

# TimecodeKit

The most robust, precise and complete Swift library for working with SMPTE timecode. Supports 22 industry timecode frame rates, including conversions to/from timecode strings and offering timecode-based calculations.

Timecode is a standard for representing video frames and used for video burn-in timecode (BITC), or display in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or video playback/NLE applications.

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# V

# Vuo

Vuo is a visual programming tool using patches and 'noodles' to construct a composition that will process video. Those compositions will be able to be published directly for use within FCPX. You can build effects, generators and transitions.

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