# Credits

FCP Cafe was thrown together by Chris Hocking at LateNite Films.

The FCP Cafe icon was designed by the amazing Matthew Skiles.

You can download a Desktop Wallpaper version of it here.

The origin story comes back to this tweet, where Alex Gollner tweeted that "fcp.co is no longer the Final Cut Pro watercoooler place", and Chris replied with "Screw it… I just registered finalcutpro.tech. Let’s do this thing!".

Chris decided that FCP Cafe was a better name/domain, and as a result, this site was born.

Since creating the site, lots of people have contributed!

# LateNite Films

LateNite is an independent production studio committed to investing in emerging creatives with strong, unique voices, helping tell their stories in a creatively supportive and collaborative environment. Our work uses humour to explore outsider stories that are unmistakably human and straddle the line between light and dark.

# Chris Hocking

Chris has been working in the entertainment industry for over two decades. Previously the Post Production Supervisor at Melbourne's award winning editing house The Butchery, and finishing house The Refinery, Chris has an incredibly strong and varied technical and business background, ensuring that each production makes use of the best and most relevant technology and workflows. He is the creator of the open source macOS application, CommandPost, which has been downloaded over 165K times - as well as a suite of Final Cut Pro tools on the macOS App Store. His producing credits include the SBS2 series The Wizards of Aus, the Fairy Tale unit on Foxtel mini series Lambs of God, and the ABC ME project The Legend of Burnout Barry. Chris is a member of SPA, ASE and is an Adobe Certified Expert.

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