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# 2023

# September

# 28th September 2023

Color Finale 2.7 is out now, which fixes issues with the latest Final Cut Pro 10.6.9.

It is compatible with macOS Sonoma and Ventura.

You can learn more here.

Automatic Duck is testing their first workflow extension for Final Cut Pro, Music Reporter.

This simple workflow extension solves a problem the developers have every time they make a video for YouTube, collecting the names of all the music tracks they used so they can put them in the credits and in the description.

Drag your project onto the Music Reporter window and the Workflow Extension will list all of the clip names of the clips who were set to the Music role.

To join the Music Reporter beta email: [email protected]

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# 26th September 2023

We've just added a great new Case Study by the amazing Thomas Grove Carter on a Television Commercial he recently worked on called Periodsomnia.

You can read it here.

CoreMelt has just released an fantastic new tool to the community called ShotAnvil.

CoreMelt ShotAnvil is a powerhouse plugin combining tracked paint, masks and graphics inserts together with one click AI person keying, all in a single plugin.

If you own any previous CoreMelt product with Mocha tracking, you can get 50% off the purchase price.

Owners of the CoreMelt Detonators bundle will also get ShotAnvil for free - a license upgrade will get sent to you automatically.

Features include:

  • Powerful compositing in one plugin with multiple different tracks applied
  • AI one click person masking
  • Auto applying of effects only to people, eg night vision
  • Beauty skin smoothing using AI person detection
  • Integrated tracked paint including animated paint strokes
  • Advanced edge feather controls for masking
  • Combine paint, masks, tracking and graphic inserts in one plugin
  • Tracked warping with multiple brushes
  • AI Inpainting for removing wires, cables, touch-ups

There is a free two week trial available, video tutorials and online documentation.

You can learn more on the CoreMelt website here.

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# 21st September 2023

Yesterday Apple released updates to Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro for iPad, Motion and Pro Video Formats.

These updates drop support for macOS Monterey - only macOS Ventura and Sonoma are now supported, which is disappointing, but not surprising.

Unfortunately we've already had reports from FxFactory that the Final Cut Pro 10.6.9 update has at least one serious bug.

FxFactory writes:

Final Cut Pro 10.6.9 is now available on the Mac App Store. This version breaks all FxFactory products that perform object tracking or face recognition through the Title layer.

Regrettably this constitutes the entirety of our catalog featuring object tracking or face detection, since developers and users alike have come to favor the Title layer for its flexibility.

Because of the large number of products affected, we recommend that you do not apply this update.

Read more about this bug here.

Sadly, Apple doesn't provide beta releases to most third party developers, so it's a mad scramble to test and review updates once they're made public.

We're currently in the process of testing and reviewing all the updates, and will post more on FCP Cafe as new things come to light.

You can find our Update Recommendations here.

If you run into any issues, make sure you report them in our Bug Tracker.

Final Cut Pro 10.6.9 includes the following enhancements:

  • Take advantage of the flexibility and dynamic range of log-encoded video shot on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Use new third-party log profiles to enhance the look of footage shot on popular cameras from Fujifilm, DJI, and ARRI.
  • Adds support for Cinematic video recorded with iPhone on iOS 17.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue that could cause Motion templates to not respond to Opacity parameter adjustments.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause duplicating a project to result in the original project opening in the timeline.
  • Fixes an issue that caused some Canon 4K 24fps media to not be recognized properly.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the app to stop responding when the Share menu was opened.
  • Fixes an issue where a background render would sometimes not complete when stabilization or rolling shutter were selected in the inspector.

Motion 5.6.6 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Adds support for log-encoded video recorded with iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Adds support for Cinematic video recorded with iPhone on iOS 17.
  • Improves performance when using the Align behavior.
  • Fixes an issue where Motion could hang when playing back 3D titles at high quality.

Compressor 4.6.6 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Adds support for log-encoded video recorded with iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Fixes an issue where the source/output comparison viewer would not reflect the camera log selection.
  • Fixes an issue where Reveal in Finder was not available for clips with modified audio settings.
  • Fixes an issue where luminance levels could be incorrect when Job inspector color space and Output color space were set to Rec. 709.
  • Fixes an issue where enabling additional Compressor instances would result in the elapsed time of a batch encode to not appear in the Completed tab.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 1.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • Take advantage of the flexibility and dynamic range of log-encoded video shot on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Enhance the look of footage shot on popular Fujifilm, DJI, and ARRI cameras using new log profiles.
  • 25 new soundtracks that dynamically adjust to fit the length of your project.
  • Enable and disable clips to quickly compare your edit with and without them.
  • Easily select and reposition keyframes using touch or Apple Pencil.
  • Pinch to quickly resize clips in the browser.
  • Adds support for Cinematic video recorded with iPhone on iOS 17.

New keyboard shortcuts:

  • Enable and disable clips: V
  • Import media from Photos: Command-I
  • Import media from Files: Shift-Command-I
  • Export your project: Command-E
  • Unrate browser clips: U

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Tapping a keyworded, favorited, or rejected range in the filmstrip with Apple Pencil selects the range.
  • Replacing a clip in the timeline preserves the duration of the source clip.
  • Fixes an issue with trimming clips during volume keyframing.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the Social Platforms export preset to default to SDR.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the browser filmstrip to not respect the Skimmer Playhead setting.
  • Fixes an issue that caused dragging a browser clip to result in scrolling.
  • Fixes an issue that caused items in the content browser and search results to not appear in alphabetical order.
  • Fixes an issue with keyframing the volume of a multicam clip with a single audio channel.
  • Fixes an issue with the fader position not being reset when a volume adjustment was undone.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the Done button to not appear in Live Drawing when using Larger Text and Display Zoom.
  • Fixes an issue that caused browser clip name changes to not be saved unless the Done button was tapped.
  • Improves reliability when reseting manual focus points for videos shot in Cinematic mode.
  • Improves reliability when importing iMovie for iOS projects.
  • Includes stability and performance improvements.

For developers, Apple has also updated the FxPlug 4 SDK.

At this stage, there's been no update to the Workflow Extensions SDK (currently at v1.0.2, released in January).

The FxPlug 4.2.8 SDK includes the following:

  • Removal of unsupported FxPlug 3 properties from the FxPlug framework
  • Support for GPU and backwards analysis in the FxBrightnessAnalysis example
  • Plug-ins built with newer SDKs now handle canceling of analysis without crashing in older hosts.
  • The template and example properties have been updated to conform to the removal of some FxPlug 3 properties. This includes the kFxPropertyKey_UsesRationalTime and kFxPropertyKey_IsThreadSafe properties.
  • Fixed an issue when an FxPlug 4 plug-in with custom UI displayed in the inspector crashed, or was terminated by the OS. It will now redraw its custom controls immediately rather than waiting until the next communication with the plug-in.
  • Fixed an issue with a potential crash when using the FxColorGamutAPI.
  • Analysis no longer returns frames with a 1-pixel border around them.

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# 15th September 2023

BRAW Toolbox v1.3.1 is out now!

It has the following improvements:

  • Added support for Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K.
  • Added support for Fujifilm GFX100 II Blackmagic RAW clips.
  • Updated from Blackmagic RAW SDK v3.3 to v3.4.

You can learn more here.

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# 13th September 2023

MotionVFX has dropped some more breadcrumbs as to what they're building...

When the universe of video editing and AI collide...that's when the magic happens! 🪐 Get ready to explore the vast universe of new possibilities and take command of the space in your scenes with the power of AI! 🚀 Revolutionize your workflow with intelligent tools! 🦾 Get ready to #CreateFurther with MotionVFX. Sign up to be the first to know 👉🏻

You can learn more here.

Tokyocode.io have released Reference X v1.7.8 on the Mac App Store.

It includes:

  • Support FCPXML v1.11 and fcpxmld files.
  • Fixed when edit note tag export FCPXML.
  • Improved more stability and reliability on export fcpxml.

You can learn more here.

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# 12th September 2023

Ben Allan ACS CSI has written a great article over at Newsshooter, titled "The Long Game– A Closer Look at FCP for iPad".

You can read here.

Alex Raccuglia from Ulti.Media has post a new video called "The Morning Rant: The Future of Final Cut Pro (IMHO)".

The description reads:

In the video, Alex expresses concerns and opinions about Final Cut Pro's development and features, comparing it to other software options like DaVinci Resolve and discussing the need for certain features like automatic ducking and transcription. Alex also encourages viewers, especially editors, to share their thoughts and opinions on the state of Final Cut Pro and Apple's commitment to professional applications. Overall, it's a commentary and opinion piece about Final Cut Pro's evolution and the content creator's personal experiences and concerns with the software.

You can watch on YouTube:

Blackmagic Design is doing their big IBC announcements this week.

You can join the live stream starting:

  • Los Angeles 10 AM PDT on Thursday the 14th of September
  • New York 1 PM EDT on Thursday the 14th of September
  • London 6 PM BST on Thursday the 14th of September
  • Singapore 1 AM SGT on Friday the 15th of September
  • Tokyo 2 AM JST on Friday the 15th of September
  • Sydney 3 AM AEST on Friday the 15th of September

With USB-C capture cards soon to be supported on iPad, rumours of USB-C iPhone’s, and BMD hiring so many web programmers, maybe IBC will be where BMD really takes on “Camera to Cloud” workflows? I expect more metadata from cameras in BRAW too! Exciting times…

You can learn more here.

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# 9th September 2023

Procreate Dreams has been announced - an all-new animation app for iPad.

It will be available 22nd November 2023 for a one-time payment of USD$19.99.

You can watch the keynote on YouTube:

You can learn more here.

MotionVFX has given some more hints about their upcoming new product on Twitter and Facebook with this new video:

Development of Recall Toolbox has ramped up again. We hope to have it ready to ship on the Mac App Store by the end of the month.

You can learn more and download a TestFlight build here.

FCP Creative Summit has announced discounted group rates at the Aloft Santa Clara.

You can learn more here.

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# 7th September 2023

Our good friend Bradley Andrew, founder of FilmDrives and creator of Crew Call, has just released a really exciting new iPad App onto TestFlight.

Whilst this isn't strictly Final Cut Pro related - I'm sure it'll be of interest to many of the Final Cut Pro Community - especially those shooting, as well as editing. There's a whole world of possibilities here, for both production and post.

Video Assist allows you to use your iPad as an external monitor and recording device with compatible USB Capture Cards.

You can easily record videos or capture frame grabs from any HDMI Video Source. SDI Video Sources are also supported with specific capture cards.

Video Tools such as Color Correction, Transform, Grid Lines, Center Marks and Aspect Ratio Masks are built-in.

Record Trigger is supported for all ARRI Alexa and Sony Venice Cameras via a custom computer vision model.

Support for RED and Blackmagic Cameras will be coming prior to public launch.

Only yesterday Bradley built RGB & Luminance Histograms into the app and has enabled a clean video output from the iPad. This means you can use your iPad as a recorder and then output a clean video feed of live or playback via a USB-C to HDMI Adaptor or via AirPlay.

To date, the only way to use your iPad as a monitor is via a QTake ScreenPort or the Accsoon SeeMo range.

This app-based approach is super exciting, as it allows people to use off-the-shelf hardware to turn under-utilised USB-C iPads into great displays.

USB Capture Cards range from $20-$250 depending on compatible resolutions, so they are well within reach for most people.

You can watch a short demo of the app in action on YouTube:

Bradley is super lovely and insanely talented, and Video Assist is such a great implementation - you can tell he's had decades of experience in the camera department, as the user interface is so familiar and easy to use.

We've been chatting with Bradley about all the possibilities for hooking up his app to Frame.io and Final Cut Pro for more seamless exchanges of favourites/selects and on-set notes. Exciting times!

If you are curious and want to test it for yourself on a USB-C iPad running iPadOS 17 Beta, you can try the pre-release version via Apple TestFlight here.

Apple’s iPhone Media Event is scheduled for 12th September, and typically new iOS versions go live the day after the event or at the end of that week.

Gyroflow Toolbox v1.1.3 is out now!

It just contains a couple of bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the stabilisation wouldn't load correctly after importing a clip or Gyroflow Project into Final Cut Pro until after you modified a parameter or toggled the Stabilisation Overview. Thanks for reporting JoneyMacaroney and JLPG!
  • Fixed a bug where the Gyroflow Toolbox version information at the top of the Final Cut Pro Inspector was incorrect. Thanks for reporting JoneyMacaroney and JLPG!

You can learn more here.

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# 1st September 2023

FCP Cafe is now listed on Apple's official Final Cut Pro Resources Page under Communities!

With around 12.47k unique visitors per month, FCP Cafe continues to grow and expand.

HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who's helped make this happen!

Onwards & Upwards!

MotionVFX has offered some more sneak peaks as to what they have in store...

The Final Cut Pro universe is about to get bigger!

We're very excited to see what they have up their sleeves!

You can sign up to their email newsletter here.

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# August

# 31th August 2023

Luke Nash is an up-and-coming Final Cut Pro & Motion Developer who's currently working on some awesome new tools to help with building complex user interfaces in Apple Motion easier, faster and more powerful.

His latest project, OSCar Rectangle, is an FxPlug4 plugin that works in Apple Motion to provide a powerful rectangular on-screen control that can be used and combined with other Apple Motion effects. For example, if you wanted to build a colour correction tool with powerful masking features, you could use OSCar Rectangle to allow your users to draw masks via an on-screen tool in the Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro Viewer.

Whilst OSCar Rectangle has been written in Objective-C using the FxPlug4 API (Apple Motion's Effects API for third party developers) - it's easily accessible within Apple's Motion, just like regular built-in tools, so anyone who's making Motion Templates in Apple Motion can make use of this functionality without knowing any code. Essentially these are tools to make it easier for people to make awesome Motion Templates, which can then be "exposed" in Final Cut Pro.

Luke is currently demonstrating OSCar Rectangle via a series of YouTube videos, with the intention of trying to raise funds to cover a new Mac and Apple Developer Account via this Indiegogo campaign. If he can raise the necessary funds to finish OSCar Rectangle, he will release the software for free, and potentially even open-source.

There are very few FxPlug4 developers in the world, especially in terms of solo indie developers - so it's awesome to see Luke really tackling uncharted territory. These tools could potentially be game-changers to the growing list of Final Cut Pro YouTuber's that are also building their own Motion Templates to sell.

OSCar Rectangle is still very much a work-in-progress, with a beta build hopefully coming in the coming weeks.

You can learn more about OSCar Rectangle and his other Luke’s Got Groups project here.

You can find the Indiegogo project here.

CommandPost v1.4.22 is out now!

This is just a quick small update with a few new features. Enjoy!

You can learn more here.

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# 30th August 2023

We've just released a very niche new app to the Mac App Store called Fast Collections.

Fast Collections is a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension that allows you to quickly create a Smart Collection from a list of Keywords.

When you're working on massive long-form projects, such as feature-length documentaries with hundreds of clips and thousands of keywords, the Final Cut Pro interface can grind to a halt when using the built-in Smart Collection panel.

This simple Workflow Extension allows you to create a new Smart Collection, using a list of supplied keywords within seconds, rather than minutes.

If you have thousands of keywords across many events, it can take a long time to create a new Smart Collection with your preferred keywords directly within Final Cut Pro - but with Fast Collections, it can now take seconds.

Visit Website

Iain Anderson has also written a great blog post over at ProVideo Coalition on How to make animated product mockups using Apple Motion.

You can read it here.

CommandPost v1.4.21 is out now!

This release includes some improvements for Monogram users, and adds "Animation Amount" actions for some handy MotionVFX titles. Enjoy!

You can learn more here.

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# 25th August 2023

Color Finale 2 Pro is currently 25% off until the end of August when you use the promo code AUGUST25 at checkout.

You can learn more here.

Here's another sneak peak at Audio Design Desk 2.0:

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# 24th August 2023

FxFactory is currently doing a 20% off all plugins and effects promo for 48 hours when you use the promo code SUMMER.

There's so many great FxFactory plugins out there. Here's a look at some of the ones we use:

You can learn more here.

The dream team at MotionVFX announced they're working on something new and exciting:

We're massive fans of everything MotionVFX do, so we're super keen to find out what they've been building!

Ulti.Media's Transcriber v1.15 is out now, with many new features and improvements.

It's a free update for existing users.

You can use the FxFactory promo code SUMMER to get 20% off today only!

You can watch a video of the new features below:

You can learn more here.

For any poor Final Cut Pro editors out there that still have to jump back to Avid Media Composer every now and again, Scott Simmons has written a great article called Speeding Up Avid Media Composer.

Interestingly, Scott's using CommandPost to control Avid Media Composer over screen-sharing.

You can read it over at ProVideo Coalition.

The talented team over at the TWiT Tech Podcast Network have released a video called Awesome Final Cut Pro for iPad Features.

You can have a watch here:

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# 17th August 2023

Ripple Training is having a 72 hour Flash Sale!

These are awesome Final Cut Pro plugins personally created by Steve and Mark.

You can learn more here.

More information has been announced about the upcoming FCP Creative Summit.

You can follow along with the latest news here.

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# 10th August 2023

Florian Duffe has tried something new on FCP Cafe, and has added an epic new interview-style case study!

You can read the over eight-thousand-word case study on the feature film SCHOCK here.

We've added FxPlug4 release notes to the FxPlug section.

As there's no official notification system for when FxPlug and Workflow Extensions SDK are updated, we'll try and keep an eye out and let you know on FCP Cafe when there's an update.

The Final Cut Pro Creative Summit dates and locations have now been confirmed.

It will take place November 6th to 8th at Apple Park & The Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.

Whether you are a trained professional or just starting your creative career, Apple has the software and tools you need to power your creative work. This unique event is where Apple power users and Final Cut Pro Professionals come together to learn and discuss their craft. We are excited to be back in Cupertino! The FCP Creative Summit features 2 full days of sessions in multiple tracks and a unique day at Apple!

You can visit the official website here.

Gyroflow Toolbox v1.1.2 is out now!

This release includes two bug fixes:

  • Updated to FxPlug v4.2.7, which offers improved stability and reliability.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a memory leak. Thanks for reporting Денис Глушков!

Thanks to everyone who has purchased, downloaded and tested the latest Gyroflow Toolbox updates! The response has been awesome!

You can learn more and buy on the Mac App Store here.

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# 6th August 2023

Gyroflow Toolbox v1.1.1 is out now!

This release includes two bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Gyroflow Toolbox output could be incorrectly clipped when in a HDR project. Thanks for reporting Tumist! Thanks to AdrianEddy for fixing the issue in Gyroflow Core!
  • Fixed an issue where a Gyroflow Project could fail to reload correctly after restarting Final Cut Pro due to FxPlug4 incorrectly HTML decoding the string value. We solve this by now base64 encoding the Gyroflow Project in FxPlug4.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased, downloaded and tested the latest Gyroflow Toolbox updates! The response has been awesome!

You can learn more and buy on the Mac App Store here.

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# 4th August 2023

Gyroflow Toolbox v1.1.0 is out now!

I've dramatically improved the user interface to make it much easier, faster and more powerful.

You can now just drag & drop clips from the Final Cut Pro Browser to the Effects Inspector, including BRAW Toolbox clips!

You can learn more and buy on the Mac App Store here.

Final Cut Pro Efficient Editing: The ultimate guide to editing video with FCP for Mac, 2nd Edition is out now as both a Kindle and Paperback book.

It's been written by the amazing Iain Anderson - an author, editor, director, videographer, programmer, animator and educator based in Brisbane, Australia. An Apple Certified Trainer who regularly presents at conferences and user group meetings, Iain is a Lead Trainer for macProVideo.com, and creates educational video content for CoreMelt and many other organizations.

You can buy on Amazon here.

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# 2nd August 2023

Final Cut Pro 10.6.8 is now available on the Mac App Store!

The release notes only have one line:

Fixes an issue where video could freeze in the viewer.

However, based on early reports, this release seems to fix the various crashes that users were reporting too, in addition to the Viewer sometimes going black or strobing.

If you're currently using Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 or earlier we recommend sticking with that for the time being.

However, if you're using Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 we recommend updating.

Please make sure you make a backup of your Final Cut Pro application by creating a ZIP file of it, before updating. You should also manually backup any libraries before updating.

You can learn more about the issues in Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 here.

Ulti.Media is currently have a Super Software Summer Sale!

Most of their apps will be at super discount from the 1st to 15th of August.

You can learn more here.

Serge M has released an awesome new video with a bunch of Final Cut Pro tips from some of the best brains in the community.

You can watch on YouTube:

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# July

# 29th July 2023

Kino AI for Mac is out now as a public beta!

Kino is an AI assistant for tracking footage metadata and organizing your media assets.

Automatically index your footage and search your library with natural language. No cloud required.

Currently it only exports to Adobe Premiere, however Final Cut Pro support is on the roadmap.

We've been testing it out, and it's very handy. It uses everyone's favourite whisper.cpp, and Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) under the hood.

You can watch a demonstration here:

You can learn more here.

From the team behind Audio Design Design, SoundGen is a generative AI experience that turns your text prompts into music and art, with the option to download the files and add them into your film and audio projects.

The beta program is entirely free for you to use and experiment with. As SoundGen matures, the developers will be integrating it directly into Audio Design Desk.

Their goal is to give their users access to an even broader collection of sounds on demand, right within the DAW.

The alpha version can only do a maximum of 30 seconds. Depending on the prompt, sometimes it can found great, other times it's very computer generated. It'll definitely improve dramatically over time!

You can sign up here.

Here's also a very early sneak peak of Audio Design Desk 2.0:

motionVFX's mPuppet is now 100% Apple Silicon native!

Pull the right strings and bring your assets to life with organic movement!

Get it now at 30% OFF on the biggest storewide sale of the year!

You can learn more here.

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# 24th July 2023

Ben Kozuch reports:

The 2023 FCP Summit will take place in Cupertino in November.

We will be announcing dates, venue and the program in about a week.

The Summit will feature a full day at Apple followed by 2 day of breakout sessions and a mini expo at a hotel venue close by.

Courtesy Apple, the cost of Full Pass will only be USD$299 for the entire 3 days.

Exciting times!

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# 22nd July 2023

The amazing Alex Raccuglia from Ulti.Media has written an incredibly detailed developer case study discussing his latest application Transcriber.

You can read the case study here.

You can learn more and purchase at FxFactory.

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# 21th July 2023

Today is the last day of the introductory USD$50 discount on Builder NLE in the Mac App Store.

Builder is a Text Based Editing app that’s tightly integrated with, and complements, Final Cut Pro. Builder NLE is a fully featured Text Based Editor that works with Final Cut Pro.

Builder includes:

  • Unlimited free transcription in 14 languages
  • Full keywording support (to and from Final Cut Pro)
  • A unique Keyword Manager
  • Superb search and filtering tools
  • Unlimited stores
  • Built-in synthetic voiceover
  • Multiple outputs including sending to Final Cut Pro for finishing

Builder is the ultimate solution for text-based video editing for productions that rely heavily on transcripts.

Come for the free transcripts, and write great stories with our superior workflows!

Builder is designed to write stories from multiple transcripts using transcripts to edit text and video at the same time.

Builder is a hybrid of word processor and video editor combined! It's faster for transcript-based workflows than in Final Cut Pro.

Text and video are always linked so you can go from scanning text to observing nuance, instantly, anywhere in Builder.

You can learn more here.

You can buy on the Mac App Store here.

Our friends at Boris FX have added some new Continuum FCP Lens Flares.

Quickly add dreamy lens flares to your #FCP projects — only $39!

😎 300+ drag & drop presets 😎 Mocha tracking 😎 Create your own flares 😎 Beat Reactor + more

You can learn more here.

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# 20th July 2023

I've been cutting all day with Final Cut Pro 10.6.7.

This is a fresh job (i.e. not something migrated from 10.6.6), and it has a LOT of third-party Motion Templates, effects, random still images, random videos in a variety of formats, etc.

Unfortunately, whilst I was able to successfully edit, and export without too many dramas, 10.6.7 definitely seems more buggy and unreliable than 10.6.6.

I had to manually quit and restart Final Cut Pro quite a few times throughout the day because the Viewer was just black. Nothing I could do would bring it back to life, apart from a restart.

This is consistent with other professional long-form editors I've chatted to.

After one of the restarts, after applying an cut to an audio clip, and adding a transition, suddenly the Viewer went "strobing" - again, requiring another manual restart.

I haven't had any crashes, but it's definitely got... issues.

One major confirmed bug is that Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 doesn't properly respect 0% opacity in Motion Templates. For example, if you apply the Placeholder Generator, it will ALWAYS show the notes:

This could be a deal breaker if you're using a Motion Template that uses this technique to hide things. Luckily none of the Motion Templates I used today had any issues.

It's also worth nothing that Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 (for Mac) uses a newer Library format than Final Cut Pro 1.1 (for iPad).

This means that if you want to use Transfer Toolbox to go from Mac to iPad, you should keep using Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 (for Mac).

My suggestion would be to stick with Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 for now, and wait for another bug fix in a few weeks time.

Chris @ LateNite

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# 19th July 2023

Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 is out now with the following bug fixes:

  • Addresses an issue where audio effects would not be reset during playback.
  • Fixes an issue where an Audio Units effect could have incorrect values when importing using FCPXML.
  • Improves waveform redrawing on expanded audio components when adjusting volume with the Touch Bar.
  • Resolves an issue where the Voice Isolation Amount slider would snap to 0% when trying to set a value less than 7%.
  • Improves reliability when retiming a clip with the Scene Removal Mask applied.
  • Fixes an issue where the Control Range setting in the Color Adjustments effect would be incorrectly set to SDR when importing using FCPXML.

Interestingly, this update requires a database update, so there must be some bigger changes under the hood.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 1.1 is out now with the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Turn snapping on or off using the keyboard shortcut N.
  • Move the playhead backward or forward 10 frames using the keyboard shortcuts Shift-Left Arrow and Shift-Right Arrow.
  • Show info for browser clips using the keyboard shortcut Control-I.
  • Turn skimming on or off using the keyboard shortcut S.
  • Turn audio skimming on or off using the keyboard shortcut Shift-S.
  • Split and switch multicam clip angles using the keyboard shortcuts 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Show or hide the jog wheel using the keyboard shortcut Control-Shift-W; expand or collapse it using Control-W.
  • Switch the jog wheel between playhead mode and nudge mode using the keyboard shortcut Shift-W.
  • Resolves an issue with custom fonts not appearing in the inspector.
  • Improves reliability and performance when dragging a clip from the browser to the timeline.
  • Addresses an issue with keyboard shortcuts not working as expected in the content browser.
  • Improves visual feedback when adding effects and transitions to timeline clips in Position mode.
  • Fixes an issue where importing media on a device with no remaining storage would cause Final Cut Pro for iPad to quit unexpectedly.
  • Improves reliability when retiming a clip with Scene Removal Mask applied.
  • Resolves an issue where importing clips with the same name would generate blank clip thumbnails.
  • Improves reliability and performance when using soundtracks and dynamic titles.
  • Addresses an issue where copying and pasting transform settings would unexpectedly paste clip speed.
  • Improves visual feedback and reliability when rating and adding keywords to clips while filtering clips in the browser.
  • Fixes an issue where resetting audio settings would unexpectedly reset clip speed.
  • Resolves an issue with the appearance of onscreen controls for cropping and shape masks.
  • Addresses an issue where clip height adjustments would not update audio-only clips in connected storylines.
  • Fixes an issue where the Keywords window would open offscreen with the timeline minimized.
  • Resolves an issue where disabled multicam audio angles would appear in the audio component list in the inspector.

Importantly, Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 on Mac uses a newer Library format than Final Cut Pro 1.1 on iPad. This means that if you want to use Transfer Toolbox to go from Mac to iPad, you should keep using Final Cut Pro 10.6.6.

Compressor 4.6.5 is out now with the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Changed the Settings and Locations sidebar to now be resizable when the Inspector is open.
  • Improves reliability when processing 4:2:2-based H.264 media on Mac computers with Apple silicon.
  • Addresses an issue where the color space of a Photo-JPEG source was incorrect when Color space was set to Automatic.
  • Fixes an issue where an exported IMF supplemental package was one frame shorter than the original package.

Motion 5.6.5 is out now with the following bug fixes:

  • Improves stability with FxPlug 4 plug-ins.
  • Improves stability when dragging a group that contains an FxPlug plug-in to the Favorites folder.
  • Improves performance when using the Sequence Text behavior with Anchor Point set to Line (in the Layout pane of the Text Inspector).

We're excited to test it out, and see if there's other undocumented fixes and improvements.

In other news, Logitech has acquired Loupedeck - which is big news for a lot of Final Cut Pro editors who use Loupedeck devices with CommandPost.

You can learn more here.

Scott Simmons has also written his thoughts on the acquisition over at ProVideo Coalition.

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# 18th July 2023

Exciting news! Apple has listed Marker Toolbox in their Mac App Store Story, The power of Final Cut Pro in both the Great apps for Final Cut Pro & Workflow Extensions sections! Amazing! Thanks EVERYONE for your on-going support!

PostSync has been updated to Version 1.7.

There's lots of feature improvements and bug fixes. You can find the full list of changes here.

You can learn more here.

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# 16th July 2023

For those that missed the news back in May, Apple has updated their Apple ProRes RAW White Paper to include information about the all-new plug-in architecture for camera makers.

You can download it as a PDF here.

PetaPixel also has an article that explains it in more detail here.

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# 12th July 2023

The amazing Arthur Moore is currently having a sale on his awesome plugins.

Get a 25% discount when you use the code: BADASSFAM25

You can learn more here

BRAW Toolbox v1.3.0 is out now!

It has added support for Panasonic Lumix GH6 Blackmagic RAW clips.

You can learn more here.

CommandPost v1.4.20 is out now!

It has added support for the latest Loupedeck CT hardware. Thanks for reporting Marshall Fife!

You can learn more here.

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# 7th July 2023

Ulti.Media Transcriber is out now! We've been beta testing it for a few months now, and it's awesome.

You can learn more and purchase at FxFactory.

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# 6th July 2023

Dylan John has a great video called STOP doing THESE 10 THINGS in Final Cut Pro!. It's full of lots of great tips!

You can watch on YouTube here:

iZotope is currently running a summer sale!

Without a doubt iZotope RX10 is the very best audio recovery tool on the market - it can do magical things.

You can learn more here.

Ulti.Media Converter 2 now has the ability to save 8-bit .PNG files, which is useful for non-photographic app screenshots.

You can learn more here.

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# 3rd July 2023

We have an awesome new case study on FCP Cafe talking about the 2D animated series, The Future of Everything.

You can read all about the workflow here.

You can watch the series here:

CommandPost v1.4.19 is out now!

We've added actions to control all the parameters for a Colourlab Ai Effect in the Final Cut Pro Video Inspector. Enjoy!

Color Finale is having a Summer Sale! Get in quick!

You can learn more here.

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# June

# 30th June 2023

Marker Toolbox v1.3.0 (14) is out now on the Mac App Store.

New Features:

  • Added the ability to export Avid Media Composer Marker Text files. Thanks for suggesting Scott Simmons!
  • Added support for importing the Timecode+ TSV format. Thanks for suggesting pulpjedi!


  • Various improvements to the user interface. Marker Toolbox now looks a lot nicer!
  • We moved the OpenAI API key into the Settings panel, and added a "Validate" button so that you can check that the API key is valid.
  • All settings are now saved between the main application and the Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension, meaning that if you change a setting in the Workflow Extension, it will also change in the main application and vice versa.

You can learn more here.

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# 29th June 2023

Mark at Ripple Training recently interviewed filmmaker Daniel Robert Cohn, discussing how he used Motion to create his music video World Gone Nutz.

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# 24th June 2023

We've thrown together a simple Python script called Rename Avid MXF Files.

It's used to rename MXF files generated by Avid Media Composer to match the Package Name in their metadata.

The script can process a single file or a folder containing multiple MXF files.

This is useful if you want to move native Avid MXF files from Avid Media Composer to Final Cut Pro.

You can download and learn more on GitHub.

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# 22nd June 2023

There's a new app on the Mac App Store! Introducing Lumberjack System Builder NLE!

On the anniversary of the release of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Lumberjack System has released their Text Based Editing app as a one-off purchase in the Mac App Store.

The original and most complete Text Based Editing solution for Final Cut Pro has long been available as part of the Lumberjack System Membership. This version makes Builder NLE more easily found, and more accessible to Final Cut Pro users who want a complete Text Based Editing environment for Final Cut Pro.

Builder NLE in the Mac App Store is the same app that is available through the membership, but without access to the wider Lumberjack live logging tools. It continues to include unlimited free transcription in 16 languages, closed caption support on Stories, unlimited stories, a comprehensive Keyword Manager, and extremely powerful search and filter tools to get you to your stories faster.

You can learn more about Lumberjack Builder here.

You can download Builder NLE from the Mac App Store here

BRAW Toolbox v1.2.1 (53) is out now, with a minor bug fix:

  • The Workflow Extension now gracefully aborts (instead of crashing), and shows an error message if a BRAW clip is corrupt, and the metadata can't be read. Thanks for reporting Dominik Radecki!

You can learn more here.

Just to keep you on your toes...

BRAW Toolbox v1.2.2 (54) is out now, with some internal improvements:

  • We've added a bunch of additional checks to the FxPlug4 Renderer, to ensure that all objects received from the Blackmagic RAW SDK are valid and correct to avoid any potential crashes due to referencing null pointers. Thanks for reporting Dominik Radecki! Big thanks to the Blackmagic RAW team and Final Cut Pro team for all their help and support!

You can learn more here.

Dominic Carter has reported on Twitter that:

Happy to report that 2 major bugs are fixed in MacOS 14 Sonoma beta 2. XAVC bug is gone (with a few preliminary notes) and qnap qfinder pro is working (for those that edit from NAS)

You can learn more here.

BretFX has released a new way to animate lists in Final Cut Pro.

You can learn more here.

Marker Toolbox v1.2.0 is out now! It has some awesome new features:

  • Allows you to apply Markers to Clips from Final Cut Pro
  • Adds Resolve EDL Export
  • Adds support for Frame.io's FIOJSON files

You can learn more here.

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# 21st June 2023

Today is Final Cut Pro X's 12th birthday!

You can read more over at Richard Taylor's website.

Philip Hodgetts will also be making an announcement on Richard's Live Stream later today:

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# 18th June 2023

Transfer Toolbox v1.0.2 has been released for free on GitHub!

Transfer Toolbox allows you to convert Final Cut Pro (for Mac) Libraries into Final Cut Pro (for iPad) Projects.

You can now easily get from your Desktop to your iPad! Simply drag your existing Final Cut Pro library into the application's drop zone.

You can learn more and download for free here.

The Transfer Toolbox icon was designed by Matthew Skiles.

Russ Hughes has written a great blog post titled: I Ignored Davinci Resolve - I Was Wrong.

It explains why he jumped from Final Cut Pro to DaVinci Resolve for editing, from a sound designers perspective.

You can read here.

For context, for the stuff LateNite does Final Cut Pro is still king, for the simple fact that it’s the most fun and most creative tool to edit with.

DaVinci Resolve is INSANELY powerful, and Blackmagic is a much more friendly company to work with than Apple.

However, I personally feel like I'm an engineer when using Resolve, whereas in Final Cut Pro I feel like an artist.

You can do amazing things in both tools - but Final Cut Pro feels like the better instrument for creative flow.

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# 17th June 2023

We've added yet another awesome new case study to FCP Cafe on Der Schatten (The Shadow).

You can read more here.

Here's the trailer:

Dylan Bates - The Final Cut Bro - has now reached over 40K YouTube Subscribers, and as a thank you to the Final Cut Pro community, he's offering 40% off all his plugins with the code 40kbro for the next four day!

You can learn more here.

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# 16th June 2023

We've added an awesome new case study to FCP Cafe on India’s Space Odyssey.

You can read more here.

Here's the trailer:

BRAW Toolbox 1.2.0 (52) is out now!

It has added support for Fujifilm X-S20 Blackmagic RAW clips, and the Blackmagic RAW SDK has been updated from v3.1 to v3.2.

You can download and learn more here.

motionVFX's mLogo Cinematic 2 is out now with limited promo pricing.

You can learn more here.

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# 15th June 2023

CommandPost v1.4.18 is out now!

A few new features, and a bunch of bug fixes, especially for those on macOS Ventura.

You can learn more and download here.

Our good friends at fxguide have a great new blog post - Apple M2 Studio Learns Nuke Machine Learning.

The author, Mike Seymour, is one of the smartest and best educators in the entire film industry, period.

You can read more here.

BorisFX has a really interesting new case study on their blog - The Last Of Us: Wylie Co.’s Motion Tracking Journey with Mocha Pro.

You can read more here.

MasterClass is currently having a 50% off sale for Fathers Day.

There's lots of great training for filmmakers and video editors.

Jonny Elwyn has some great summaries here:

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# 14th June 2023

FCP Cafe now has a new logo/icon designed by the amazing Matthew Skiles. We hope you like it as much as we do!

He has also designed a new logo/icon for Resolve Cafe, which is equally amazing.

We've just added an amazingly detailed case study for Blood & Gold. Check it out here!

BRAW Toolbox v1.1.4 (51) is now available on the Mac App Store.

Thanks to the help and support of the awesome Final Cut Pro team, we finally have a workaround to the Synchronised Clips bug.

Previously, Synchronised Clips could cause random glitches during playback, and produce unexpected results in some, but not all, cases.

As a result, in BRAW Toolbox v1.1.1 we made Create Multicam Clips the default option as a workaround to this issue.

We now know this was actually due to the fact that we're applying the BRAW Toolbox effect to a Custom Solids Generator.

Whilst Final Cut Pro worked correctly when scrubbing and skimming a clip, during playback, because the Custom generator normally doesn't change its output (i.e. it's always a static colour), Final Cut Pro was using a cached frame, rather than rendering a new frame, which caused the glitches.

Essentially, it's very unusual for an Effect to change the output of a Generator, so we were getting unpredictable results.

We now workaround this issue by simply applying keyframes to the Custom Solid, so that Final Cut Pro always renders the frames - simple, but effective.

To fix Synchronized Clips created in earlier versions of BRAW Toolbox, we've added a Repair Synchronized Clips (prior to v1.1.3) Toolbox, which will add keyframes to all your Generators within the BRAW Toolbox Clip.

HUGE thank you to Tangier Clarke for supplying a reproducible library to help us solve this annoying bug.

We'll leave Create Multicam Clips on by default, however you will no longer get a warning message when you toggle this preference.

Dylan Bates (The Final Cut Bro) has demonstrated the new BorisFX's Continuum Beat Reactor plugin.

You can learn more here.

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# 13th June 2023

FCP Cafe has been slowly growing and expanding, and professional film & television editors from all around the world start making contributions!

If you haven't already checked out the Cut on Final Cut Pro page, it's worth a visit!

The amazing Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance has written an excellent blog post on Generative AI Devalues Experience here.

A great new YouTube channel called Lukes Got Brains has started posting some really interesting videos about on-screen controls and rigging in Motion & Final Cut Pro.

evrExpanse 3.3.1 is out now with Rating Metadata support, allowing you to easily evaluate and organise video quality.

You can learn more here

Andy To challenged himself to produce a video shot and edited on Final Cut Pro for iPad.

Alex Raccuglia at Ulti.Media is getting closer and closer to finally releasing Transcriber to the world!

Here's another sneak peak - explaining how to import subtitles into existing sessions:

There's an interesting article over at arstechnica:

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# 10th June 2023

The amazing Iain Anderson has released a new free online training course for Final Cut Pro for iPad.

You can learn more here.

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# 9th June 2023

We're currently in the process of completely rebuilding the CommandPost website to bring it more inline with this website, and all our other software packages.

This will allow us to add better documentation more quickly - especially developer documentation. We'll also release a new CommandPost update within the next few days, so stay tuned!

At WWDC Apple has announced/released a new MediaExtension Framework, which is BIG NEWS for Mac users! We haven't had custom codec support since Apple killed QuickTime many years ago.

This framework provides a means for developers to create format readers and video decoders for media that the system doesn’t natively support.

This means that for macOS Sonoma, we'll be able to add native Blackmagic BRAW support directly to macOS!

We intend to add this as a feature to BRAW Toolbox for the public release of macOS Sonoma, so stay tuned!

Premium VFX are having an Anniversary Discount Sale, with all their Final Cut Pro products 35% off until June 16.

You can learn more here.

Do you need third party plugins for background removal, morph transitions, color correction and noise removal, or does Final Cut Pro have you covered? Today, Jenn Jager is doing a head to head challenge to see if third party plugins work better than native FCP effects.

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# 8th June 2023

Matti Haapoja has reported on Twitter that:

...editing in Final Cut Pro in AR will be available for launch 👀 editing with eyes and gestures. We freaking finally get to edit minority report styles.

You can read more over at AppleInsider.

Michael Kammes has also written a great article on Empowering Creatives: The Future of Creativity and Collaboration in the M&E Industry.

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# 7th June 2023

To My Father is a Short Documentary Film edited in Final Cut Pro that premieres this week at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

The movie depicts Deaf actor Troy Kotsur's journey to winning an Oscar and his father's inspiring influence on him, despite a tragic accident.

Troy previously won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Apple TV’s CODA.

Josh Meyers, the film’s editor, had previously presented this project as a work in progress as part of his Keynote Presentation at the 2022 FCPX Summit in Austin, Texas.

Josh and the team at Emergent Order Foundation has truly enjoyed collaborating with Troy and hope people can come out to support the film if you’re in town!


To My Father will be screening 4 times at the festival as part of the Shorts program.

Thursday June 8th @ 8:15pm
Friday June 9th @ 2:30pm
Wednesday June 14th @ 6:00pm
Saturday June 17th @ 3:30pm

There's more information on the Tribeca Schedule and Tickets Page.

It is also available for streaming with the Tribeca At Home pass.


Director: Sean Schiavolin
Producers: John Papola, Troy Kotsur, Justin Bergeron
Screenwriter: Sean Schiavolin
Cinematographer: Brody Carmichael
Editor: Josh Meyers
Composer: Hanan Townshend
Associate Producer: Jessi Bennett


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# 6th June 2023

BRAW Toolbox v1.1.3 is out now with a re-designed Relink BRAW Clips within an LIBRARY / EVENT / PROJECT Toolbox!

You can learn more about the toolbox here.

You can buy BRAW Toolbox and learn more here.

WWDC time!

Here's a 17 big & little things at WWDC23.

Iain Anderson has also written Apple Vision Pro revealed at WWDC over at ProVideo Coalition.

Below are some of the relevant highlights for Final Cut Pro editors.

First up, the new Mac Pro:

You can learn more about the new MacPro here.

There's the new M2 Ultra.

You can learn more here.

There's the new 15-inch MacBook Air:

You can learn more here.

There's the new macOS Sonoma:

You can learn more here.

There's the new Vision Pro.

It's USD$3499 and "available early next year in the U.S".

DaVinci Resolve will run on Vision Pro out-of-the-box. No word yet on Final Cut Pro support.

You can learn more about Vision Pro here.

You can watch the entire WWDC Keynote here.

NeoFinder 8.4.1 is out now. This is a bugfix release that contains two fixes for the Smart Folders, and one fix when searching hierarchical keywords.

NeoFinder 8.4.1 is another free update for all customers with a NeoFinder 8.x license.

NeoFinder 8.x is a paid upgrade for NeoFinder 6.x, NeoFinder 7.x, and CDFinder customers.

You can learn more here.

Purchase a Ninja V, Ninja V+, Shogun Connect, Sumo 19SE or Shogun Studio 2 before the end of June 2023 to receive a FREE Assimilate Play Pro Studio license worth US$299 when registering your product. Existing registered owners quality for an exclusive price of USD$99.

You can learn more here.

Premiere Gal is giving away USD$10,000 worth of Video Gear!

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# 5th June 2023

We've added some information from the editor, and lots of Final Cut Pro screenshots to our Turn of the Tide case study. Enjoy!

It's a month old, but for those that might have missed it, there's an awesome YouTube video that showcases the Audio Design Desk v2.0 Beta.

Audio Design Desk is to audio software what Pro Tools was to the tape machine. It’s an entirely new breed of Digital Audio Workstation that artists can play like an instrument, revolutionizing the process of adding music and sound effects to picture and cutting down what can typically be a full day project to just a few minutes. It comes bundled with 75,000 sounds embedded with patent-pending Sonic Intelligence™, using AI-assisted content creation tools to enable filmmakers, sound designers, composers, and creators to produce cinema-quality compositions at the speed of thought, giving them a level of creative control that is unmatched by any other software.

You can learn more about Audio Design Desk here.

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# 3rd June 2023

It's been so incredibly exciting watching all the professional editors contributing to this site via GitHub (check out these closed pull requests!).

I proposed creating avid.cafe and premiere.cafe/premierepro.cafe on some big Facebook Communities and my posts were pretty quickly removed.

Meanwhile, the Final Cut Pro community has fully embraced my crazy spur-of-the-moment idea, and gone full steam ahead - love it!

Thanks team!

Chris @ LateNite

BorisFX is giving away their free Continuum FCPX Looks filter!

We've been using mocha Pro for years, and love it dearly - so are always excited by what BorisFX have in-store!

They just need to HURRY UP and give us native mocha Pro support within Final Cut Pro! In the meantime, this is great...

BCC+ Looks Includes:

  • 80 drag-and-drop presets
  • Award-Winning Mocha tracking through Pixel Chooser: Quickly mask & isolate effects
  • Fully customizable: Easily adjust hue-sat, brightness, contrast, grain, and more
  • 8mm film stock, bleach by-pass, and day for night looks
  • Diffusion, color gradients, and lighting gels
  • Custom FX Editor: Browse and apply presets in seconds

Visit Website

FCPeffects.com is celebrating 12 years making plugins for Final Cut Pro!

Get all of their plugins in an easy to install package with the Mega Bundle. I've just pressed the buy button!

Visit Website

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# 2nd June 2023

Final Cut Pro v1.0.1 for iPad is out now!

The only change according the the release notes is:

  • Fixes an issue where the validation of third-party Audio Unit Extensions prevented Final Cut Pro for iPad from opening.

You can find the release note on FCP Cafe. We'll update that page if we find anything undocumented.

The Transfer Toolbox website has some information on the danger of using external drives on iPad.

You can learn more here.

Der Schatten (The Shadow) is streaming tomorrow on German public broadcaster ZDFneo.

It's a 6 x 45min mystery series cut in Final Cut Pro, based on a novel by Melanie Raabe.

The journalist Norah (Deleila Piasko / Transatlantic) moves from Berlin to Vienna to start a new life and job at a young & arty magazine. As soon as she arrives, a homeless woman foretells her that she will kill a man named Arthur Grimm six weeks later. Norah tries to ignore the incident - until strange things happen.


You can watch the trailer here.

Commentary Head of Editing:

Florian Duffe writes:

Editing a TV show in Final Cut is a charm if you set it up right. Especially with the new MacStudio and fast SSDs we could fly through the tons of footage. Postlab provides the necessary tools to collaborate between different workstations. Since we had a lot of Flashbacks, the structure of FCP - editing every Scene in a Compound Clip - made it really easy to 'steal' edits of another episode from our fellow editors.

I will follow up with a decent case study on this site in a few days. Stay tuned.

Fun Stats:

  • 3 Film Editors (Florian Duffe, Silke Botsch & Martin Wunschick)
  • 1 Assistant Editor
  • 174 shifts of editing
  • 89 hours of footage
  • 3946 Video Clips
  • 3500 Audio Clips

Tools Used:

  • Sync-N-Link - creating Sync Clips with Metadata
  • CommandPost - using Titles to Keywords for line-by-lines
  • Notion - to build a digital bulletin board, one scene one card
  • PostLab - collaborating in 6 libraries on 4 workstations in 3 cities
  • X2Pro - send Audio to Soundpost
  • Producers Best Friend - creating lists (ADR, VFX, Music, DI, Motion Design)


Picture Lock Timelines of all 6 Episodes

Final Cut Pro Screenshots
Final Cut Pro Screenshots


Ulti.media has released a new Transcriber Promo on YouTube. Chris at LateNite has been beta testing, and it's awesome.

You can learn more here.

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# 1st June 2023

Alteon.io has announced that Brian Meaney will now be their new Head of Product. He brings more than two decades of experience from Apple and Magic Leap. Brian will direct product development and UX for their entire ecosystem.

This is very exciting for Final Cut Pro users - as Alteon is very committed to the Final Cut Pro ecosystem! You can learn more here.

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# May

# 31st May 2023

Colourlab Ai is having a Spring Flash Sale! Up to 50% Off on Our Color Grading Software - Only 48 Hours Left!

Spring is in the air, and so are the savings!

Here's what's on offer:

Colourlab Ai Studio Annual License: Get a whopping 50% off on their Colourlab Ai Studio Annual License. This brings the cost of Colourlab Ai, Look Designer Plugin, and Grainlab Plugin down to just $249. That's less than the cost of a single plugin! Considering the combined value of all three applications is over $1000, this is a massive saving. Use the code springstudio50 to take advantage of this offer. Look Designer Perpetual Licenses: Colourlab Ai is offering a 30% discount on their Look Designer Perpetual Licenses. This means you can own Look Designer forever for just $349. Look Designer 3.0 for Davinci and Premiere runs on both Mac and PC and is the perfect companion for creating X01 files, Look Design, Look Testing, EL Zones, and Full Color Management. Use the code springlook30 to avail this offer.

Buy Colourlab Ai Studio here.

Buy Look Designer Perpetual here.

A new batch of nOb controllers is now available! You can order here.

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# 30th May 2023

We're currently experimenting with adding Discussions & Reactions to the bottom of every page at FCP Cafe - that tie into GitHub Discussions. You'll need a free GitHub account to comment and react.

We're still working on the formatting - they're currently a bit "buggy" in terms of automatically resizing, and sometimes require a hard page reset to appear properly. We're investigating a proper fix - stay tuned.

Recall Toolbox is now available for early beta testing on TestFlight.

Recall Toolbox is a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension that acts as a Shared Pasteboard.

Anything that you can copy and paste in Final Cut Pro, Recall Toolbox can store.

Chris at LateNite has decided to put the Final Cut Pro & DaVinci Resolve Communities literally head-to-head by introducing Resolve Cafe. Let's see which community is more proactive in sharing awesome content!

MotionVFX is having a 50% Flash Sale on selected products.

They've also released a nice new package called mProduct.

AudioSwift 2.3.5 Beta with 14-bit MIDI CC is now available.

AudioSwift for macOS transforms your trackpad into a set of MIDI tools like sliders, triggers, XY pads, mixing controllers and MPE. With support for MacBooks and Magic Trackpads, the app runs in the top menu bar waiting to be called. Tap the trackpad with a four fingers tap gesture to activate and a console window appears showing the current controller mode. You can then start sending MIDI with simple touch gestures and when you finish, press the Esc key to turn AudioSwift off. It’s the perfect compact MIDI controller for the mobile or desktop producer.

AudioSwift works great in companion with CommandPost via MIDI for controlling Final Cut Pro.

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# 29th May 2023

Color Finale 2.6.6 has been released to fix support for Final Cut Pro 10.6.6.

Only install Color Finale 2.6.6 after updating to Final Cut Pro 10.6.6. The plugin won’t work otherwise.

If you are on Color Finale 2.6.5, update by launching ColorFinale.app and navigating to ColorFinale > Check For Updates… in the menu bar.

You can learn more on their website.

Chris at LateNite has updated the pricing for BRAW Toolbox, Gyroflow Toolbox & Marker Toolbox.

  • BRAW Toolbox is now 79.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD79.99, USD79.99, CAD79.99).
  • Marker Toolbox is now 19.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD19.99, USD19.99, CAD19.99).
  • Gyroflow Toolbox is now 4.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD4.99, USD4.99, CAD4.99).

Their upcoming apps will have the same pricing model:

  • Recall Toolbox is now 29.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD29.99, USD29.99, CAD29.99).
  • Transfer Toolbox is now 4.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD4.99, USD4.99, CAD4.99).

However, for example, if your country doesn't have an equivalent of 4.99 (i.e. Rp89,000 in Indonesia), it will default to a USD$4.99 equivalent.

Transfer Toolbox is currently waiting for approval on the Mac App Store, but you can download from TestFlight.

Recall Toolbox is currently on TestFlight, and will hopefully be submitted to the Mac App Store by the end of this week for review.

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# 28th May 2023

We've recently reported two annoying Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 bugs to be across:

We've reported them to Apple, and will keep track of them in our Bug Tracker.

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# 27th May 2023

Hedge are on the lookout for passionate beta users to help shape the future of Hedge products (like Hedge, PostLab & EditReady). If you think you have what it takes and would like to join, sign up here.

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# 26th May 2023

Turn of the Tide premiered today on Netflix. Fully edited in Final Cut Pro.

Created by Augusto de Fraga. Edited by Marcos Castiel (Ep's 1, 2, 5 & 7) and Pedro Ribeiro (Ep's 3, 4 & 6).

You can read the full case study here.

Blood & Gold premieres today on Netflix. Fully edited in Final Cut Pro.

Edited by Knut Hake.

Sex O'Clock premieres today in Czechia. Episodes 3, 6, 9 and 10 was cut in Final Cut Pro by Jiří Fiala (the other episodes were cut in Adobe Premiere).

FCPXMLs were sent to DaVinci Resolve for colour grading and X2Pro was used to send AAFs to ProTools for mixing. The sound designer was very impressed with the neatness of the timeline.

Everyone's talking about Final Cut Pro for iPad.

Here's a collection of some of the great Final Cut Pro (for iPad) YouTube videos:

Chris at LateNite has also announced Transfer Toolbox on Twitter, allowing you to convert Final Cut Pro (for Mac) libraries into Final Cut Pro (for iPad) projects.

He also discovered that Final Cut Pro (for iPad) can actually read files from an external SSD.

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# 23rd May 2023

Iain Anderson has written a very detailed Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 blog post over at Pro Video Coalition.

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