# 2023

# December

# 6th December 2023

We've brought back Philip Hodgetts & Dr Gregory Clarke's amazing blog post, Demystifying Final Cut Pro XMLs originally written back in 2017 for fcp.co (which has sadly since been retired).

You can read it here.

Philip & Gregory are the geniuses behind Intelligent Assistance - please check out all their amazing tools!

We will also be bringing back some of Ronny Courtens's amazing case studies over the coming weeks! Stay tuned.

BRAW Toolbox v1.3.5 (63) is out now!

It includes the following changes:

🔨 Improvements:

  • Added support for Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K G2.
  • Added support for Panasonic Lumix G9II Blackmagic RAW clips.
  • Updated from Blackmagic RAW SDK v3.4 to v3.6.
  • Updated from FxPlug v4.2.8 to v4.2.9.

🐞 Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a potential crash when pressing the Remove Selected button in the Workflow Extension.

You can learn more here.

evrExpanse 4 is out now with Offload functionality.

It's now equipped with xxh64 hash, ensuring rock-solid data integrity during your media transfers.

Streamlined and secure – because your files deserve the best!

You can get 25% off using the promo code: MU8SNH9

This offer ends 24th December 2023.

You can learn more here.

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