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# 2nd June 2023

Final Cut Pro v1.0.1 for iPad is out now!

The only change according the the release notes is:

  • Fixes an issue where the validation of third-party Audio Unit Extensions prevented Final Cut Pro for iPad from opening.

You can find the release note on FCP Cafe. We'll update that page if we find anything undocumented.

The Transfer Toolbox website has some information on the danger of using external drives on iPad.

You can learn more here.

Der Schatten (The Shadow) is streaming tomorrow on German public broadcaster ZDFneo.

It's a 6 x 45min mystery series cut in Final Cut Pro, based on a novel by Melanie Raabe.

The journalist Norah (Deleila Piasko / Transatlantic) moves from Berlin to Vienna to start a new life and job at a young & arty magazine. As soon as she arrives, a homeless woman foretells her that she will kill a man named Arthur Grimm six weeks later. Norah tries to ignore the incident - until strange things happen.


You can watch the trailer here.

Commentary Head of Editing:

Florian Duffe writes:

Editing a TV show in Final Cut is a charm if you set it up right. Especially with the new MacStudio and fast SSDs we could fly through the tons of footage. Postlab provides the necessary tools to collaborate between different workstations. Since we had a lot of Flashbacks, the structure of FCP - editing every Scene in a Compound Clip - made it really easy to 'steal' edits of another episode from our fellow editors.

I will follow up with a decent case study on this site in a few days. Stay tuned.

Fun Stats:

  • 3 Film Editors (Florian Duffe, Silke Botsch & Martin Wunschick)
  • 1 Assistant Editor
  • 174 shifts of editing
  • 89 hours of footage
  • 3946 Video Clips
  • 3500 Audio Clips

Tools Used:

  • Sync-N-Link - creating Sync Clips with Metadata
  • CommandPost - using Titles to Keywords for line-by-lines
  • Notion - to build a digital bulletin board, one scene one card
  • PostLab - collaborating in 6 libraries on 4 workstations in 3 cities
  • X2Pro - send Audio to Soundpost
  • Producers Best Friend - creating lists (ADR, VFX, Music, DI, Motion Design)


Picture Lock Timelines of all 6 Episodes

Final Cut Pro Screenshots
Final Cut Pro Screenshots


Ulti.media has released a new Transcriber Promo on YouTube. Chris at LateNite has been beta testing, and it's awesome.

You can learn more here.

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