# 2024

# July

# 5th July 2024

Arctic v24.2.1 is out now!

It includes the following changes:

  • Arctic now ignores "stateless" Libraries, which are Libraries stored but not downloaded locally on cloud drives like iCloud, Amove, Box, and DropBox. This prevents Arctic from beachballing when attempting to process Libraries that don't actually exist locally.

You can learn more here.

Larry Jordan has a new blog post on his website titled, Create Customized Effects in Apple Final Cut Pro 10.8.

You can read it here.

BretFX has 33% off selected products until 7th July.

You can learn more here.

Intelligent Assistance have released a new application called ChatFCP.

Essentially it's a web-browser in a Workflow Extension that allows you fast and easy access to Large Language Model's, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT.

You can watch a video explaining on YouTube here.

You can buy the new application for US$14.99 (introductory price until 31st July).

This app is only available on the Intelligent Assistance, and not on the Mac App Store.

You can learn more and purchase here.

Color Finale v2.9.0 is out now!

It includes the following:

New Features:

  • Publish Mask: Make masks created for the chosen layer or group available outside of Color Finale. Use a combination of tracked shape masks, selective color masks, and person masks to overlay color-corrected elements over the background layer directly on the FCP timeline.

Use Case Highlight:

  • Background replacement
  • Object tracking with Color Finale's built-in object tracker
  • Person masking without chromakey
  • Placing titles behind masked objects or people
  • Many more creative effects

You can watch a video explaining the new functionality on YouTube:

You can learn more here.

Colourlab Ai v3.1 is out now!

You can get 20% off by using the offer code 4JUL20 on checkout.

It includes the following changes:

IMPROVEMENTS: – Ai references and showluts are now synced in the cloud – Auto exposure can be made to work using Gamma or Printer lights – Improved Adobe Premiere fetch and push – Improved Davinci Resolve fetch and push – Added support for XAVC MXF playback – Added support for Sony FX6 MP4 – Added support for MXF OP Atom playback – Added project name to Ai references metadata – Ai References view – add option to filter by current project – Project Name visible on top Window – Added in settings Premiere Sync Status – Project settings are now saved for each new project – Added support for previous and next shot preview in full screen preview – Added support for Send to Davinci when timeline is coming from premiere – Enable shortcut for 709/flat view in full screen mode

FIXES: – Fix issue when files with non standard characters would cause Colourlab to crash – Improved handling of unsupported files files fetching from Davinci or Premiere – Fixed issue when some Sony camera MP4 files where not playing – Fixed issue when some BMD camera originated H264 files would not play – Fixed Issue When selecting multiple shots (using ctrl/cmd) it would jump to the first selected shot – Fixed issue when selected area outlines stay visible after shot was region matched – Fix issue when reference viewer had gamma shift in comparison with source viewer – Fixed an issue that made in some cases Premiere fetch fail – Improved handling of variable frame rates in premiere – Make frame forward and frame back to switch to next/previous shot – Make Timeline settings default view in Settings – Fixed issue when double clicking Sync Button in ProjectSettings->library caused the application to crash – Fixed when Cancel on PUSH to Premiere was not working – Improved performance of match region & exposure tool – Improved performance of color wheels UI – Fixed issue of FCP Fetch not working mac intel – Fixed issue when Premiere Fetch was not working on intel – Fixed issue that some windows users were not able to fetch and push to DaVinci – Fixed issue that playback stops at the end of clip

You can learn more here.

mLowers Universal is out now on MotionVFX!

You can buy it for 18% off until 7th July.

You can learn more here.

Builder NLE v4.2.6 is out now!

It has a new feature:

  • A slider in Settings to control the maximum line length of captions and subtitles

You can download via the Mac App Store here.

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