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# 26th June 2024

Matthew O'Brien has been putting on his detective hat to look at some weird bugs in Final Cut Pro 10.8.

He writes in his first video:

In this video I'm breaking down TWO bugs I've heard about with Final Cut Pro 10.8. One bug has to do with audio skimming and playing back audio one frame at a time using the left and right arrow keys. Some users are reporting that you can no longer hear audio when using the arrow keys.

The second bug is one that I'm experiencing. Any time I try to interact with an element in the Viewer to transform it with scale or position or rotation, Final Cut Pro hangs. It doesn't quit, it doesn't crash, I don't get a spinning rainbow wheel... It just hangs. If I try to change my text with the title tool or use a mask effect it hangs. Any time I "touch" an element in the Viewer, Final Cut Pro hangs.

This is happening on my M1 Max Mac Studio, my M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro, but it IS NOT happening with my M2 Pro Mac mini.

You can watch it here:

However, regarding the first bug he mentions in the video Richard Taylor writes on Twitter.

For those experiencing the FCP 10.8 audio frame by frame, skimming bug, place your mouse, cursor over any window, but the timeline!

Matthew followed up with another video, where he writes:

In my last video I broke down a major Final Cut Pro 10.8 bug where trying to adjust elements in the viewer window was causing Final Cut Pro to hang or freeze. Editing text with a title tool, using the Transform Tool to adjust scale or position - these adjustments were freezing Final Cut.

In this video I'm going over what seems to be causing this to happen while, unfortunately, not coming up with a root cause that allows us to resolve the issue. I think this is definitely going to need a software update to fix things since I've already tried every troubleshooting step that I can think of per Apple's support document linked here

You can watch it here:

After posting this video, he's then discovered a workaround/solution:

So it seems the issue is specific to the newer Magic Trackpad and the trackpad on Mac notebooks.

If you disable Tap to click in Settings > Trackpad you can interact with elements in the Viewer window without any issue.

If you disable Use trackpad for dragging in Settings > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Trackpad Options you can drag elements in the Viewer window.

So, yeah. I'm guessing enabling the ability to drag and drop effects from the Inspector onto the Viewer window may have caused this bug? Of course none of this affects FCP if you're using a Magic Mouse, Mighty Mouse or 3rd party mouse.

This also doesn't affect FCP if you're using the older AA battery-powered Magic Trackpad

Hopefully these are both fairly simple bugs that Apple can address in a point update within the next couple of weeks.

You can keep track of all of Final Cut Pro's bugs and issues on the FCP Cafe Bug Tracker.

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