# 2024

# June

# 20th June 2024

Rotomatic v1.0.0 is out now on FxFactory.

It features:

Automatic object detection and tracking Rotomatic simplifies the tedious task of manual rotoscoping by automating it, offering significant control to achieve desired results with convenience and speed. Developed using a contemporary machine learning framework, Rotomatic employs multiple neural networks to enhance object detection and tracking.

Intuitive on-screen configuration Intuitive, on-screen configuration for efficient and practical rotoscoping application. Our "Refine, not Redo" philosophy means that labor-intensive steps like object definition and tracking are seldom repeated. The built-in timeline facilitates management of keyframes and selected objects, especially for extensive clips requiring rotoscoping.

Incremental refinement Keyframes, objects, and their elements can be adjusted and reprocessed without impacting previously computed outcomes. Rotomatic offers a more efficient and user-friendly way to achieve professional rotoscoping results.

You can learn more on FxFactory.

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