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# 12th June 2024

The Pro Editor Bundle v2 is out now for USD$150 (save USD$119.93).

This bundle on the Mac App Store gives you access to:

The Mac App Store also supports Complete My Bundle - which credits customers for apps they’ve already purchased within a bundle. You only pay the balance for the remaining apps.

You can find the Pro Editor Bundle v2 on the Mac App Store here.

Alternatively, if you don't need LUT Robot or Capacitor, you can buy the original Pro Editor Bundle on the Mac App Store here.

Rafael Ludwig has recently released a fun and interesting video on his YouTube channel titled, How Apple Could Dominate the Creative Market with Final Cut Pro.

You can watch here:

Dylan Bates (aka The Final Cut Bro), also just released a super fun video sponsored by MotionVFX.

It seems that MotionVFX paid for a bunch of Final Cut Pro gurus to fly to Poland to hang out - which is super cool!

You can watch here:

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