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# 7th June 2024

PostLab 2.0 Early Access is out now for all PostLab Classic teams!

Meet the future: collaborate on any creative app, no more subscription, and bring your own storage - whether it's a NAS or a cloud drive!

The successor to PostLab Classic is finally here, after Hedge's massive announcement at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit last year (you can read my reaction from the Summit here).

You can read all about this groundbreaking software here.

LUT Robot is now available on the Mac App Store.

It allows you to automatically apply Camera LUTs with matching filenames.

When working on big long-form projects, such as feature films and television shows, DITs on-set create unique Camera LUTs for each shot.

For example, the production might be shooting on an ARRI Alexa and when they hand over the rushes, they also hand over LUTs for each camera file.

LUT Robot automatically applies Camera LUTs with matching filenames, saving hours of work for Assistant Editors, who until now, had to manually set the Camera LUT for each clip.

You can select a specific sub-folder within your Camera LUTs folder to scan.

This is a simple niche app, that saves high-end professional assistant editors using Final Cut Pro hours of time.

The LUT Robot icon was designed by the amazing Matthew Skiles.

The FCPXML Processing Engine used under-the-hood was created by David Peterson.

You can learn more here.

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