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# 5th June 2024

For those interested in Frame.io and their latest V4 update, Alex Lindsay had an awesome chat with Emery Wells on the Office Hours Global live stream.

You can watch on YouTube here.

Jace Sparks also had a great conversation with Alex Gollner (aka Alex4D) on his ELAV8 Podcast.

The conversation delves into the challenges and opportunities surrounding the promotion and development of Final Cut Pro, as well as the broader strategic direction of Apple. It explores the issues of trust, marketing, and collaboration within the industry, and the potential impact of AI on editing workflows. The discussion also touches on the concept of a Worldwide Creator Conference and the role of Apple in shaping the future of media creation. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including 3D animation, AI, technology, corporate ethics, and the impact of AI on human behavior. It delves into the role of AI in individual and corporate settings, as well as the ethical implications of AI usage. The discussion also explores the concept of pleasure and the influence of technology on human behavior and society.

You can watch on YouTube here.

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