# 2024

# June

# 3rd June 2024

CSV2Notion Neo v1.3.0 is out now with the following improvements:

  • Automatically analyse and generate captions for images using Hugging Face's open-source AI/ML models
  • Added --hugging-face-token: Hugging Face token to use image captioning model online
  • Added --hf-model: Provide the model used for generating caption <vit-gpt2 | blip-image | git-large> (defaults: vit-gpt2)
  • Added --caption-column: Provide both image column and column where caption would be written

CSV2Notion is an advance method to upload & merge *.csv or *.json files with images to Notion database.

It's used under-the-hood to power the Shot Data Toolbox in CommandPost, and MarkersExtractor.

You can learn more here.

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