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# 1st June 2024

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!

There's a great new article to read over at The Film Stage titled Jia Zhangke’s Editor Matthieu Laclau on Shaping Decades of Footage and His Trio of Cannes 2024 Premieres.

You can read it here.

Not mentioned in the article is that Matthieu uses Final Cut Pro. He writes:

Our studio is called CUTTING EDGE FILMS and we collaborate on most of our films. Technically, we setup a very sophisticated collaboration workflow using Hedge Postlab and Apple Final Cut Pro. I know that most feature film editor are cutting with Avid or Premiere, and I used both of them in the past, but we’re not going back... Thanks to FCP, we are really more efficient, faster and even better editors, because we spend more time on the creative part instead of the technical aspect of the job.

Congratulations Matthieu on all your success at Cannes 2024!

Thomas Grove Carter is now a partner at Trim Editing! Woohoo!

Thomas cuts incredible television commercials and music videos in Final Cut Pro.

You can read more about Thomas on our Periodsomnia Case Study here.

If you're on the hunt for a Final Cut Pro Workflow Guru, we can't recommend these two highly enough...

Both Felipe and Isaac are very well known within the Final Cut Pro Community, and have both previously presented at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit.

Felipe Baez is currently free and available for new projects.

He offers:

  • Consulting for Video Posproduction for Film and TV, workflow architecture, assistant editing, editing services and photography.
  • High performance, high speed cloud storage for those who need to transfer a lot of heavy files. No data limits, no extra charges for traffic.
  • IT Services for SMBs: Proactive system monitoring, network management, hardware-software troubleshooting, cybersecurity, data backup. No IT team? We've got you covered 24/7

You can learn more about Felipe on his website here.

You can follow Felipe on LinkedIn here.

Isaac T. has also just finished up his contract with Hedge, and is open to work as a:

  • Workflow Architect / Strategist
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Technical Writer

You can learn more about Isaac on his website here.

You can follow Isaac on LinkedIn here.

Arctic v24.1.3 is out now with the following fixes:

  • Adds cleanup of stabilization data, grouped with the Optical Flow under the new Data header
  • Simplified accessing the list of missing files
  • Improved behaviour of the updates-available ribbon
  • The External Media popover behaves more nicely now

You can learn more and download Arctic here.

Color Finale Transcoder v2.0 has been announced on the developers blog.

This new update will support Nikon N-RAW and RAW still images.

To quote the website, here’s a closer look at the full feature set:

  • Browse and Select Raw Media: easily navigate your disks to select raw media.
  • Keep Full Metadata: carry over camera metadata for use within the Final Cut Pro.
  • Essential Adjustments: adjust exposure, white balance, and other critical settings for raw media.
  • Waveform Monitoring: verify your adjustments against waveforms for accuracy.
  • Integration with FCP Libraries: add transcoded media directly into FCP libraries—metadata fully preserved.
  • Job Queue Management: efficiently handle multiple transcoding jobs.
  • Preview LUTs: use display LUTs for non-destructive preview of raw footage.
  • Handle Anamorphic Footage: preview anamorphic footage the way it’s meant to be seen.
  • Timeline Playback Without Transcoding: cut BRAW and N-RAW footage directly on the FCP timeline without the need for transcoding.
  • Process Raw Images from Stills: gather sequences of raw frames and export them as videos.
  • Flexible Export: save transcoded files anywhere on local and network disks.
  • Explode Raw Video Files: break raw video files down into individual frames and save them as stills sequences
  • Standalone or Workflow Extension: use Color Finale Transcoder 2.0 independently as a standalone app or as a workflow extension within Final Cut Pro.
  • N-RAW and BRAW Plugins: Transcoder 2.0 comes with two Final Cut Pro plugins that enable N-RAW and BRAW editing without the need for prior transcoding.

There's currently no release date, however if you're an existing user, you can apply to become an early adopter here.

You can read more on the blog post here.

AudioSwift v2.3.8 is currently out in beta!

You can read more about the beta here.

You can read more about how to use AudioSwift with Final Cut Pro here.

Producer's Best Friend v1.4.70 is out now with the following bug fix:

  • Bug fix for calculating marker positions in cases where the clip's frame rate differs from the timeline's frame rate

You can download via the Mac App Store here.

XtoCC v1.2.44 is out now with the following bug fixes:

  • Critical bug fix to alert for .fcpxmld bundles exported incorrectly as a "Final Cut Pro Document" instead of "Final Cut Pro XML Bundle"
  • Bug fix for chapter markers on a transition
  • Bug fix for calculating marker positions in cases where the clip's frame rate differs from the timeline's frame rate

You can download via the Mac App Store here.

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