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# 7th May 2024

Marker Toolbox v1.3.2 is out now with Frame.io V4 support!

For those Final Cut Pro users using the awesome Frame.io V4 beta, you have most likely noticed that the Frame.io Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension currently doesn't work properly with the beta, and if you try and export a FIOJSON file from the website, it doesn't always work correctly when imported into Final Cut Pro.

For example, if you import a FIOJSON from the website and import it into Final Cut Pro via the Frame.io v2.6.1 Mac App, sometimes Titles will be missing, and there's other inconsistencies between what you see within the Frame.io website, and what gets imported into Final Cut Pro.

Emery Wells writes on ProVideo Coalition:

As a beta, some of the existing Frame.io features may not be initially available, but you can be certain that those features—along with NLE integrations and companion apps—are an element of our forward- looking roadmap.

In the meantime however, Marker Toolbox fills that gap for Final Cut Pro users - as you can export a FIOJSON from the website and import it into Marker Toolbox.

You can learn more about Marker Toolbox here.

Arctic v24.1.2 is out now with the following fixes:

  • Opening settings now remembers the last panel selected
  • Improved handling of offline usage
  • Improved activating directly from the license email

You can learn more and download Arctic here.

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