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# 5th April 2024

Arctic Whiteness' Final Cut Library Manager now has a new home at Hedge!

After a decade of hard work and lots of updates (amazingly, they were up to version v3.98!) Vincent Zorzi & Timothy Arms have decided to step away from their epic creation, and hand over development to Hedge to keep the application alive for the Final Cut Pro community.

Hedge have renamed the application to Arctic, and it has an awesome new icon.

You can read more about this in great detail on the Hedge blog.

If you already own Final Cut Library Manager, the application will continue to work indefinitely, but it will no longer be updated or supported.

Final Cut Library Manager customers will have already received a discounted upgrade for Arctic in their email inbox. Please contact Hedge if you didn't get it.

Arctic and Final Cut Library Manager are completely seperate applications - each with their own unique licensing and updating systems - which means you can still run them side-by-side, or run Final Cut Pro Library Manager on your old machine, and Arctic on your new machine, etc.

You can learn more, and download a free 10-day trial on the Hedge website.

Iain Anderson has released a new set of Motion Templates for Final Cut Pro called Emojisplosion on FxFactory.

Emojisplosion is the easiest way to add hundreds of emoji-based particles to your videos. You can make them sit behind a title, enhance a background or make a magic wand sparkle.

Emojisplosion gives you all the flexibility you need, without the complexity of a full particle system. It's perfect for educational, social media and sports videos, and ready for portrait or landscape videos. Most of the particles here are packaged as titles, but emoji-based transitions are included too.

It's currently on sale for USD$39 for a limited time (before increasing to USD$59). There is also a free trial.

You can learn more on FxFactory here.

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