# 2024

# February

# 2nd February 2024

You can watch Strada's Private Beta Launch on YouTube here:

This is of relevance to Final Cut Pro users, because Michael Cioni is a long-time hardcore Final Cut Pro user, with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

He's also the king of Apple's Keynote - and creates beautiful videos seamlessly mixing Keynote and Final Cut Pro.

No doubt, Strada will be highly integrated with Final Cut Pro, as that's what Michael uses to edit all of Strada's video.

Apple Insider reports:

Cook 'incredibly excited' about generative AI coming to Apple gear later in 2024

You can read the full article here.

Hopefully at WWDC we see lots of AI announcements, and we'll see some of those technologies added to Final Cut Pro towards October/November in the next major Final Cut Pro update!

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