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# 31st January 2024

Noise Industries has released a new plugin called Background Remover on FxFactory!

Quickly and easily lift subjects from the video background.

Background Remover automatically detects people, animals and objects that are the main focus of your videos, allowing you to extract a clean key from footage shot without a greenscreen or bluescreen. Background Remover is a quick, easy choice for masking the backdrop to a scene.

You can learn more here.

iJustine has released Apple Vision Pro - Unboxing, Review and demos on YouTube.

You can watch her using Final Cut Pro (on Mac) via the Vision Pro here:

The Verge has also released a detailed blog post titled, Apple Vision Pro review: magic, until it’s not.

They've also released this YouTube Video:

Capacitor is now available on Apple's TestFlight for beta testing!

It allows you to easily convert between FCPXML versions.

For example, if you're working on Final Cut Pro 10.7, but you have an online artist on an older Autodesk Flame, you can convert from FCPXML v1.11 to v1.9.

Or if you have an old FCPXML in your archives, you can upgrade from v1.8 to v1.10.

Because Capacitor ensures it outputs FCPXML following Apple's strict DTD rules, you can also use Capacitor to "clean" FCPXMLs.

You can learn more here.

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