# 2024

# January

# 24rd January 2024

MotionVFX has released a new product, mStoryboard.

You can watch a trailer on YouTube:

You can learn more here.

Metaburner v1.0.6 (34) has been released. It includes the following updates:

🔨 Changes:

  • Metaburner Presets now have the file extension metaburnerPreset (instead of mbpPreset).
  • The Metaburner Motion Template has been updated.

🔨 Improvements:

  • Lots of big under-the-hood improvements. Metaburner now can handle very complicated and long feature film timelines without dropping frames. Thanks for reporting Sam Pluemacher!
  • Added a new Open in Motion button to Controls. This allows you to easily create a new Apple Motion Template which you can customise however you want!
  • We've moved the Open User Guide to the top of Controls so that it's more obvious.
  • We no longer display "Text Layer 1", "Text Layer 2", etc in the Final Cut Pro Inspector to make it cleaner.
  • We now save and restore Empty Data, Filter by Video Role and Filter by Audio Role in Presets.
  • We've added a built-in Stabilisation Preset.
  • Improved the error messaging when a FCPXML fails to load.
  • Added a checkbox to Save FCPXML Internally within the Controls section. This is off by default. You'll only ever really need to turn it on if you want to access the FCPXML data via the Lua Scripting Engine.

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • Metaburner now correctly renders when in Half Resolution in Apple Motion and Better Performance in Final Cut Pro.
  • Final Cut Pro now allows you to copy and paste the Metaburner Title. Thanks for reporting Sam Pluemacher!

You can learn more here.

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