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# 23rd January 2024

Robin S. Kurz has posted a new video on YouTube offering further insight into the Final Cut Pro Scrolling Timeline.

You can watch on YouTube:

Peter Wiggins is back and has just posted a blog post over at idustrialrevolution.

Interestingly he hints:


You can read it here.

CommandPost v1.4.25 is out now with the following bug fix:

  • In Final Cut Pro 10.6.6, Apple merged the Masks and Keying Effects Categories into a single Masks and Keying Effects Category, which we never accounted for. CommandPost now correctly applies the Masks and Keying effects in Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 and later. However, if you already have a shortcut key or control surface button for any of these actions (such as Draw Mask), you may have to select the Scan Motion Templates button in the Final Cut Pro panel in CommandPost Preferences to re-scan all your effects, then reapply the action to your keyboard shortcut or button. Thanks for reporting Димитър Маратилов!

You can learn more here.

Frame.io has updated their Mac App Store App to version v2.6.1 with the following improvements:

  • Native support for Apple Silicon Macs
  • Support for the latest version of Final Cut Pro
  • Support for playing video and audio assets protected by DRM
  • Updated Keychain permission prompt to only show when necessary
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scrubbing asset thumbnails
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

You can learn more about Frame.io here.

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