# 2023

# December

# 22nd December 2023

Final Cut Pro 10.7.1 is out now!

This release includes:

  • Improves stability on Intel-based Mac models when using Color Wheels or Color Curves on H.264 video clips (reported on FCP Cafe here).
  • Fixes an issue with some default keyboard shortcuts working incorrectly on non-English keyboards.

Thanks for the fast turnaround Apple!

We'll test it over the coming days and weeks to see if there's any other undocumented changes/fixes.

Builder NLE v4.1.10 is out now with the following bug fixes:

  • Bug fixes for syncing the preview player with the selected text block after spliting or merging paragraphs
  • Bug fix for offline media warning dialog

You can download the latest version on the Mac App Store here.

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