# 2023

# December

# 18th December 2023

Metaburner Pro is now up on Apple's TestFlight for early alpha testing!

It's an advanced Metadata Generator for Final Cut Pro. You can access it via a Title in the Titles sidebar.

It gives you 25 text layers that you can populate with whatever metadata you want. You can full control over the text formatting.

You can even stack multiple Metaburner Pro Titles on top of each other for UNLIMITED titles!

You can import your Final Cut Pro project/timeline back into the Metaburner Pro Title via a drop zone, so Metaburner Pro has full access to everything that's in the FCPXML.

You can learn more here.

Builder NLE v4.1.9 is out now with the following bug fix:

  • Bug fix for the Transcript player loading and playing certain types of multicam clips

You can download the latest version on the Mac App Store here.

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