# 2023

# December

# 16th December 2023

Gyroflow Toolbox v1.1.4 (Build 18) is out now!

It includes the following changes:

🔨 Improvements:

  • We've updated to the latest Gyroflow Core Renderer. HUGE thank you to the amazing AdrianEddy for all his ongoing help, assistance, genius and support! There should be a minor performance improvement to playback, and slightly lower memory usage.
  • Updated from FxPlug v4.2.7 to v4.2.9.
  • 3156 lens profiles have been added from the hero Gyroflow project. Thanks to EVERYONE who has submitted lens profiles and another HUGE thank you to AdrianEddy for all the work that goes into managing them.
  • We now load all lens profile when the FxPlug first starts, for faster importing later.
  • We now show a loading popup when a Gyroflow project is being imported or generated for Final Cut Pro, so it's obvious that something is busy behind the scenes.
  • We've added a Grant Sandbox Access and Reset Sandbox Access menu items to the Settings button in the Inspector, so that you can grant Gyroflow Toolbox access to an entire drive, for faster importing.

🐞 Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a potential crash that we've been trying to solve for ages. On SOME systems (specifically systems with Mac2 family GPUs), Apple's Metal Framework would generate a Metal Texture that the Metal Performance Shader in the Mac couldn't actually work with, causing a crash deep within Apple's code. It was very hard to reproduce, as it only happened on certain systems - and none of ours. HUGE thank you to Apple Developer Technical Support, the Final Cut Pro Team, AdrianEddy and Warren Moore for all their constant and on-going help, assistance, guidance, patience and support!

You can learn more here.

Builder NLE v4.1.8 is out now with the following bug fix:

  • Bug fix to improve the accuracy of time stamps during speech-to-text transcriptions

You can download the latest version on the Mac App Store here.

Picture This... v1.0.4 is out now with the following improvement:

  • Code refactored to remove the optional use of non-XL Stable Diffusion models.

You can download the latest version on the Mac App Store here.

Simon Says Transcription v3.9.4 is out now with improved performance and bug fixes.

You can download the latest version on the Mac App Store here.

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