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# 8th December 2023

Deyson Ortiz has released a new service:

Final Cut Pro Mastery: Learn How To Create Templates, Titles, Transitions, Effects & More

It's personalised 1-On-1 Training.

Afraid of Apple Motion like I am? This is the training for you!

You can learn more here.

Just a friendly reminder that third party FxPlug4 plugins can't crash Final Cut Pro - only Final Cut Pro can crash Final Cut Pro.

This is explained in more detail on the Bug Tracker page.

For example, Threefold Films recently tweeted:

Simon Says Transcription is crashing #fcpx and making my day harder today….

However, as explained on the Bug Tracker, this is a Final Cut Pro bug - nothing to do with Simon Says.

There is also a workaround, as documented here.

BRAW Toolbox v1.3.6 (64) is out now!

This release contains the following bug fix:

  • Fixed a potential crash that we've been trying to solve for ages. On SOME systems (specifically systems with Mac2 family GPUs), Apple's Metal Framework would generate a Metal Texture that the Metal Performance Shader in the Mac couldn't actually work with, causing a crash deep within Apple's code. It was very hard to reproduce, as it only happened on certain systems - and none of ours. HUGE thank you to Apple Developer Technical Support, the Final Cut Pro Team, AdrianEddy and Warren Moore for all their constant and on-going help, assistance, guidance, patience and support!

Gyroflow Toolbox also contains this same code/problem, which we've fixed - however, we're currently waiting for one more fix in Gyroflow Core before pushing publicly - hopefully soon.

Introducing IF Motion!

I'd like to introduce you to a new plugin creator for Final Cut Pro.

Itallo is a former employee of LenoFX, he's now behind IF Motion.

He is launching his paid plugins and is offering a 20% discount when you use the code: LENOFX20

Leno says:

You can also download the freebies to try them out, they are great. Especially the Basic Transitions.

You can learn more here.

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