# 2023

# December

# 7th December 2023

The amazing Thomas Grove Carter has just released a new YouTube video:

You can also find this video on Twitter.

If you haven't read Thomas' case study on FCP Cafe - do it now!

Tangent Hub Beta v1.8.6 is out now!

For those Tangent Panel users out there...

They've added a great new feature to their Warp Engine which now allows you to simply record actions performed on the application’s GUI, and associate those recorded actions to a control on the panel.

The control can be a button, knob, dial, trackerball or ring.

Moving or pressing the control will trigger the playback of the recorded actions.

This means that there’s no longer any need to code Warp Scripts by hand (although you can still do this if you prefer).

Actions that can be recorded are:

  • Mouse moves.
  • Mouse drags. Note only a single drag can be performed in a recording.
  • Mouse button clicks.
  • Mouse scrolls. This is useful if sliders accept a scroll input.
  • Keyboard keypresses.

You can learn more and join their beta program via their website.

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