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# 22nd November 2023

Recall Toolbox is out now on the Mac App Store!

Recall Toolbox is a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension that acts as a Shared Pasteboard.

Anything that you can copy and paste in Final Cut Pro, Recall Toolbox can store.

You can even drag-and-drop clips and projects from the Final Cut Pro Browser, and link to files (such as logos on a shared drive).

Recall Toolbox automagically syncs to all your Mac's on the same iCloud account.

You can also share Folders with other iCloud users, and control permissions. For example, you could have a "read only" folder that contains client lower thirds for a current job.

Whilst there are third party tools like the amazing Copy 'Em ​(for Mac), they're not quite as visual as Recall Toolbox, and they're not built from the ground up for Final Cut Pro users.

Recall Toolbox works as a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension, so it's window position gets saved with your custom Workspaces.

Whilst CommandPost has had a Shared Pasteboard & Pasteboard Buffers for years, it's really optimised for Control Surfaces. You can access the Shared Pasteboard from the CommandPost menubar, and it is super powerful, but it's not as visual - you just get text, not a fully customisable thumbnail.

Recall Toolbox feels like a natural extension to Final Cut Pro, with a similar look and feel to Final Cut Pro's Effects Browser.

It's 29.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD29.99, USD29.99, CAD29.99).

You can find out more here.

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