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Onwards & Upwards!

Today Apple has announced that Final Cut Pro will gain spatial video editing at some point next year.

CNET reports:

Final Cut Pro, Apple's video editing software, will get Spatial Video editing support, but not until sometime next year.

9to5Mac reports:

Apple released iOS 17.2 developer beta 2 on Thursday, enabling iPhone 15 Pro hardware to capture spatial videos for the first time. The public beta version just dropped as well, and so have some early press reviews of personal spatial videos on Vision Pro.

The company has also shared that Final Cut Pro will gain the ability to edit spatial videos sometime next year. iOS 17.2 beta 2 and macOS 14.2 beta 2 also introduce the “Spatial” media type in Photos for easy filtering.

As announced at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit, Final Cut Pro 10.7 will come out later this month, so it's most likely that spatial video editing won't appear until Final Cut Pro 10.8 - maybe another 12 months away.

Pablo Fernández talks about the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit on the Spanish El Minicast de laurindel podcast.

You can listen on iTunes here.

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