# 2023

# October

# 7th October 2023

BRAW Toolbox v1.3.3 is out now!

It includes the following improvements:

  • General playback performance improvements.
  • Updated from FxPlug 4.2.7 to FxPlug 4.2.8.
  • The wrapper application now quits when you close the main window.

You can learn more here.

Luca Visual FX has released a new Motion Template package on FxFactory.

LED Display Screens is a set of 15 new templates for Final Cut Pro (12 effects and 3 titles) that enable users to recreate the unique look and feel of LED panels in 3D space.

Once loaded with custom footage, the screens, which come in all sorts of shapes, can be animated and customized in many ways.

This is a very useful tool for ads, music videos, promos, news, sports, titling, 3D simulation and compositing effects, and much more.

It's currently on sale for USD$49 (normally USD$59).

Here’s the dedicated web page with Demo, Tutorial and samples to preview here.

You can buy now on FxFactory here.

Color Finale 2.7.0 Build 552 is out now, which fixes compatibility issues with the latest Final Cut Pro 10.6.10 update.

Existing users will be an email in their inbox with a link to the latest update.

You can learn more here.

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