# 2023

# September

# 26th September 2023

We've just added a great new Case Study by the amazing Thomas Grove Carter on a Television Commercial he recently worked on called Periodsomnia.

You can read it here.

CoreMelt has just released an fantastic new tool to the community called ShotAnvil.

CoreMelt ShotAnvil is a powerhouse plugin combining tracked paint, masks and graphics inserts together with one click AI person keying, all in a single plugin.

If you own any previous CoreMelt product with Mocha tracking, you can get 50% off the purchase price.

Owners of the CoreMelt Detonators bundle will also get ShotAnvil for free - a license upgrade will get sent to you automatically.

Features include:

  • Powerful compositing in one plugin with multiple different tracks applied
  • AI one click person masking
  • Auto applying of effects only to people, eg night vision
  • Beauty skin smoothing using AI person detection
  • Integrated tracked paint including animated paint strokes
  • Advanced edge feather controls for masking
  • Combine paint, masks, tracking and graphic inserts in one plugin
  • Tracked warping with multiple brushes
  • AI Inpainting for removing wires, cables, touch-ups

There is a free two week trial available, video tutorials and online documentation.

You can learn more on the CoreMelt website here.

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