# 2023

# September

# 13th September 2023

MotionVFX has dropped some more breadcrumbs as to what they're building...

When the universe of video editing and AI collide...that's when the magic happens! 🪐 Get ready to explore the vast universe of new possibilities and take command of the space in your scenes with the power of AI! 🚀 Revolutionize your workflow with intelligent tools! 🦾 Get ready to #CreateFurther with MotionVFX. Sign up to be the first to know 👉🏻

You can learn more here.

Tokyocode.io have released Reference X v1.7.8 on the Mac App Store.

It includes:

  • Support FCPXML v1.11 and fcpxmld files.
  • Fixed when edit note tag export FCPXML.
  • Improved more stability and reliability on export fcpxml.

You can learn more here.

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