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# 12th September 2023

Ben Allan ACS CSI has written a great article over at Newsshooter, titled "The Long Game– A Closer Look at FCP for iPad".

You can read here.

Alex Raccuglia from Ulti.Media has post a new video called "The Morning Rant: The Future of Final Cut Pro (IMHO)".

The description reads:

In the video, Alex expresses concerns and opinions about Final Cut Pro's development and features, comparing it to other software options like DaVinci Resolve and discussing the need for certain features like automatic ducking and transcription. Alex also encourages viewers, especially editors, to share their thoughts and opinions on the state of Final Cut Pro and Apple's commitment to professional applications. Overall, it's a commentary and opinion piece about Final Cut Pro's evolution and the content creator's personal experiences and concerns with the software.

You can watch on YouTube:

Blackmagic Design is doing their big IBC announcements this week.

You can join the live stream starting:

  • Los Angeles 10 AM PDT on Thursday the 14th of September
  • New York 1 PM EDT on Thursday the 14th of September
  • London 6 PM BST on Thursday the 14th of September
  • Singapore 1 AM SGT on Friday the 15th of September
  • Tokyo 2 AM JST on Friday the 15th of September
  • Sydney 3 AM AEST on Friday the 15th of September

With USB-C capture cards soon to be supported on iPad, rumours of USB-C iPhone’s, and BMD hiring so many web programmers, maybe IBC will be where BMD really takes on “Camera to Cloud” workflows? I expect more metadata from cameras in BRAW too! Exciting times…

You can learn more here.

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