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# 7th September 2023

Our good friend Bradley Andrew, founder of FilmDrives and creator of Crew Call, has just released a really exciting new iPad App onto TestFlight.

Whilst this isn't strictly Final Cut Pro related - I'm sure it'll be of interest to many of the Final Cut Pro Community - especially those shooting, as well as editing. There's a whole world of possibilities here, for both production and post.

Video Assist allows you to use your iPad as an external monitor and recording device with compatible USB Capture Cards.

You can easily record videos or capture frame grabs from any HDMI Video Source. SDI Video Sources are also supported with specific capture cards.

Video Tools such as Color Correction, Transform, Grid Lines, Center Marks and Aspect Ratio Masks are built-in.

Record Trigger is supported for all ARRI Alexa and Sony Venice Cameras via a custom computer vision model.

Support for RED and Blackmagic Cameras will be coming prior to public launch.

Only yesterday Bradley built RGB & Luminance Histograms into the app and has enabled a clean video output from the iPad. This means you can use your iPad as a recorder and then output a clean video feed of live or playback via a USB-C to HDMI Adaptor or via AirPlay.

To date, the only way to use your iPad as a monitor is via a QTake ScreenPort or the Accsoon SeeMo range.

This app-based approach is super exciting, as it allows people to use off-the-shelf hardware to turn under-utilised USB-C iPads into great displays.

USB Capture Cards range from $20-$250 depending on compatible resolutions, so they are well within reach for most people.

You can watch a short demo of the app in action on YouTube:

Bradley is super lovely and insanely talented, and Video Assist is such a great implementation - you can tell he's had decades of experience in the camera department, as the user interface is so familiar and easy to use.

We've been chatting with Bradley about all the possibilities for hooking up his app to Frame.io and Final Cut Pro for more seamless exchanges of favourites/selects and on-set notes. Exciting times!

If you are curious and want to test it for yourself on a USB-C iPad running iPadOS 17 Beta, you can try the pre-release version via Apple TestFlight here.

Apple’s iPhone Media Event is scheduled for 12th September, and typically new iOS versions go live the day after the event or at the end of that week.

Gyroflow Toolbox v1.1.3 is out now!

It just contains a couple of bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the stabilisation wouldn't load correctly after importing a clip or Gyroflow Project into Final Cut Pro until after you modified a parameter or toggled the Stabilisation Overview. Thanks for reporting JoneyMacaroney and JLPG!
  • Fixed a bug where the Gyroflow Toolbox version information at the top of the Final Cut Pro Inspector was incorrect. Thanks for reporting JoneyMacaroney and JLPG!

You can learn more here.

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