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# 30th August 2023

We've just released a very niche new app to the Mac App Store called Fast Collections.

Fast Collections is a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension that allows you to quickly create a Smart Collection from a list of Keywords.

When you're working on massive long-form projects, such as feature-length documentaries with hundreds of clips and thousands of keywords, the Final Cut Pro interface can grind to a halt when using the built-in Smart Collection panel.

This simple Workflow Extension allows you to create a new Smart Collection, using a list of supplied keywords within seconds, rather than minutes.

If you have thousands of keywords across many events, it can take a long time to create a new Smart Collection with your preferred keywords directly within Final Cut Pro - but with Fast Collections, it can now take seconds.

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Iain Anderson has also written a great blog post over at ProVideo Coalition on How to make animated product mockups using Apple Motion.

You can read it here.

CommandPost v1.4.21 is out now!

This release includes some improvements for Monogram users, and adds "Animation Amount" actions for some handy MotionVFX titles. Enjoy!

You can learn more here.

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