# 2023

# July

# 29th July 2023

Kino AI for Mac is out now as a public beta!

Kino is an AI assistant for tracking footage metadata and organizing your media assets.

Automatically index your footage and search your library with natural language. No cloud required.

Currently it only exports to Adobe Premiere, however Final Cut Pro support is on the roadmap.

We've been testing it out, and it's very handy. It uses everyone's favourite whisper.cpp, and Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) under the hood.

You can watch a demonstration here:

You can learn more here.

From the team behind Audio Design Design, SoundGen is a generative AI experience that turns your text prompts into music and art, with the option to download the files and add them into your film and audio projects.

The beta program is entirely free for you to use and experiment with. As SoundGen matures, the developers will be integrating it directly into Audio Design Desk.

Their goal is to give their users access to an even broader collection of sounds on demand, right within the DAW.

The alpha version can only do a maximum of 30 seconds. Depending on the prompt, sometimes it can found great, other times it's very computer generated. It'll definitely improve dramatically over time!

You can sign up here.

Here's also a very early sneak peak of Audio Design Desk 2.0:

motionVFX's mPuppet is now 100% Apple Silicon native!

Pull the right strings and bring your assets to life with organic movement!

Get it now at 30% OFF on the biggest storewide sale of the year!

You can learn more here.

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