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# 21th July 2023

Today is the last day of the introductory USD$50 discount on Builder NLE in the Mac App Store.

Builder is a Text Based Editing app that’s tightly integrated with, and complements, Final Cut Pro. Builder NLE is a fully featured Text Based Editor that works with Final Cut Pro.

Builder includes:

  • Unlimited free transcription in 14 languages
  • Full keywording support (to and from Final Cut Pro)
  • A unique Keyword Manager
  • Superb search and filtering tools
  • Unlimited stores
  • Built-in synthetic voiceover
  • Multiple outputs including sending to Final Cut Pro for finishing

Builder is the ultimate solution for text-based video editing for productions that rely heavily on transcripts.

Come for the free transcripts, and write great stories with our superior workflows!

Builder is designed to write stories from multiple transcripts using transcripts to edit text and video at the same time.

Builder is a hybrid of word processor and video editor combined! It's faster for transcript-based workflows than in Final Cut Pro.

Text and video are always linked so you can go from scanning text to observing nuance, instantly, anywhere in Builder.

You can learn more here.

You can buy on the Mac App Store here.

Our friends at Boris FX have added some new Continuum FCP Lens Flares.

Quickly add dreamy lens flares to your #FCP projects — only $39!

😎 300+ drag & drop presets 😎 Mocha tracking 😎 Create your own flares 😎 Beat Reactor + more

You can learn more here.

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