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# 22nd June 2023

There's a new app on the Mac App Store! Introducing Lumberjack System Builder NLE!

On the anniversary of the release of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Lumberjack System has released their Text Based Editing app as a one-off purchase in the Mac App Store.

The original and most complete Text Based Editing solution for Final Cut Pro has long been available as part of the Lumberjack System Membership. This version makes Builder NLE more easily found, and more accessible to Final Cut Pro users who want a complete Text Based Editing environment for Final Cut Pro.

Builder NLE in the Mac App Store is the same app that is available through the membership, but without access to the wider Lumberjack live logging tools. It continues to include unlimited free transcription in 16 languages, closed caption support on Stories, unlimited stories, a comprehensive Keyword Manager, and extremely powerful search and filter tools to get you to your stories faster.

You can learn more about Lumberjack Builder here.

You can download Builder NLE from the Mac App Store here

BRAW Toolbox v1.2.1 (53) is out now, with a minor bug fix:

  • The Workflow Extension now gracefully aborts (instead of crashing), and shows an error message if a BRAW clip is corrupt, and the metadata can't be read. Thanks for reporting Dominik Radecki!

You can learn more here.

Just to keep you on your toes...

BRAW Toolbox v1.2.2 (54) is out now, with some internal improvements:

  • We've added a bunch of additional checks to the FxPlug4 Renderer, to ensure that all objects received from the Blackmagic RAW SDK are valid and correct to avoid any potential crashes due to referencing null pointers. Thanks for reporting Dominik Radecki! Big thanks to the Blackmagic RAW team and Final Cut Pro team for all their help and support!

You can learn more here.

Dominic Carter has reported on Twitter that:

Happy to report that 2 major bugs are fixed in MacOS 14 Sonoma beta 2. XAVC bug is gone (with a few preliminary notes) and qnap qfinder pro is working (for those that edit from NAS)

You can learn more here.

BretFX has released a new way to animate lists in Final Cut Pro.

You can learn more here.

Marker Toolbox v1.2.0 is out now! It has some awesome new features:

  • Allows you to apply Markers to Clips from Final Cut Pro
  • Adds Resolve EDL Export
  • Adds support for Frame.io's FIOJSON files

You can learn more here.

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