# 2023

# June

# 18th June 2023

Transfer Toolbox v1.0.2 has been released for free on GitHub!

Transfer Toolbox allows you to convert Final Cut Pro (for Mac) Libraries into Final Cut Pro (for iPad) Projects.

You can now easily get from your Desktop to your iPad! Simply drag your existing Final Cut Pro library into the application's drop zone.

You can learn more and download for free here.

The Transfer Toolbox icon was designed by Matthew Skiles.

Russ Hughes has written a great blog post titled: I Ignored Davinci Resolve - I Was Wrong.

It explains why he jumped from Final Cut Pro to DaVinci Resolve for editing, from a sound designers perspective.

You can read here.

For context, for the stuff LateNite does Final Cut Pro is still king, for the simple fact that it’s the most fun and most creative tool to edit with.

DaVinci Resolve is INSANELY powerful, and Blackmagic is a much more friendly company to work with than Apple.

However, I personally feel like I'm an engineer when using Resolve, whereas in Final Cut Pro I feel like an artist.

You can do amazing things in both tools - but Final Cut Pro feels like the better instrument for creative flow.

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