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# June

# 13th June 2023

FCP Cafe has been slowly growing and expanding, and professional film & television editors from all around the world start making contributions!

If you haven't already checked out the Cut on Final Cut Pro page, it's worth a visit!

The amazing Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance has written an excellent blog post on Generative AI Devalues Experience here.

A great new YouTube channel called Lukes Got Brains has started posting some really interesting videos about on-screen controls and rigging in Motion & Final Cut Pro.

evrExpanse 3.3.1 is out now with Rating Metadata support, allowing you to easily evaluate and organise video quality.

You can learn more here

Andy To challenged himself to produce a video shot and edited on Final Cut Pro for iPad.

Alex Raccuglia at Ulti.Media is getting closer and closer to finally releasing Transcriber to the world!

Here's another sneak peak - explaining how to import subtitles into existing sessions:

There's an interesting article over at arstechnica:

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