# 2023

# June

# 9th June 2023

We're currently in the process of completely rebuilding the CommandPost website to bring it more inline with this website, and all our other software packages.

This will allow us to add better documentation more quickly - especially developer documentation. We'll also release a new CommandPost update within the next few days, so stay tuned!

At WWDC Apple has announced/released a new MediaExtension Framework, which is BIG NEWS for Mac users! We haven't had custom codec support since Apple killed QuickTime many years ago.

This framework provides a means for developers to create format readers and video decoders for media that the system doesn’t natively support.

This means that for macOS Sonoma, we'll be able to add native Blackmagic BRAW support directly to macOS!

We intend to add this as a feature to BRAW Toolbox for the public release of macOS Sonoma, so stay tuned!

Premium VFX are having an Anniversary Discount Sale, with all their Final Cut Pro products 35% off until June 16.

You can learn more here.

Do you need third party plugins for background removal, morph transitions, color correction and noise removal, or does Final Cut Pro have you covered? Today, Jenn Jager is doing a head to head challenge to see if third party plugins work better than native FCP effects.

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