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# 3rd June 2023

It's been so incredibly exciting watching all the professional editors contributing to this site via GitHub (check out these closed pull requests!).

I proposed creating avid.cafe and premiere.cafe/premierepro.cafe on some big Facebook Communities and my posts were pretty quickly removed.

Meanwhile, the Final Cut Pro community has fully embraced my crazy spur-of-the-moment idea, and gone full steam ahead - love it!

Thanks team!

Chris @ LateNite

BorisFX is giving away their free Continuum FCPX Looks filter!

We've been using mocha Pro for years, and love it dearly - so are always excited by what BorisFX have in-store!

They just need to HURRY UP and give us native mocha Pro support within Final Cut Pro! In the meantime, this is great...

BCC+ Looks Includes:

  • 80 drag-and-drop presets
  • Award-Winning Mocha tracking through Pixel Chooser: Quickly mask & isolate effects
  • Fully customizable: Easily adjust hue-sat, brightness, contrast, grain, and more
  • 8mm film stock, bleach by-pass, and day for night looks
  • Diffusion, color gradients, and lighting gels
  • Custom FX Editor: Browse and apply presets in seconds

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FCPeffects.com is celebrating 12 years making plugins for Final Cut Pro!

Get all of their plugins in an easy to install package with the Mega Bundle. I've just pressed the buy button!

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