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# 30th May 2023

We're currently experimenting with adding Discussions & Reactions to the bottom of every page at FCP Cafe - that tie into GitHub Discussions. You'll need a free GitHub account to comment and react.

We're still working on the formatting - they're currently a bit "buggy" in terms of automatically resizing, and sometimes require a hard page reset to appear properly. We're investigating a proper fix - stay tuned.

Recall Toolbox is now available for early beta testing on TestFlight.

Recall Toolbox is a Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension that acts as a Shared Pasteboard.

Anything that you can copy and paste in Final Cut Pro, Recall Toolbox can store.

Chris at LateNite has decided to put the Final Cut Pro & DaVinci Resolve Communities literally head-to-head by introducing Resolve Cafe. Let's see which community is more proactive in sharing awesome content!

MotionVFX is having a 50% Flash Sale on selected products.

They've also released a nice new package called mProduct.

AudioSwift 2.3.5 Beta with 14-bit MIDI CC is now available.

AudioSwift for macOS transforms your trackpad into a set of MIDI tools like sliders, triggers, XY pads, mixing controllers and MPE. With support for MacBooks and Magic Trackpads, the app runs in the top menu bar waiting to be called. Tap the trackpad with a four fingers tap gesture to activate and a console window appears showing the current controller mode. You can then start sending MIDI with simple touch gestures and when you finish, press the Esc key to turn AudioSwift off. It’s the perfect compact MIDI controller for the mobile or desktop producer.

AudioSwift works great in companion with CommandPost via MIDI for controlling Final Cut Pro.

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