# New to Final Cut Pro?

If you're brand new to Final Cut Pro for Mac or Final Cut Pro for iPad - this is the place for you!

# Apple White Papers

Here's a collection of official Apple White Papers to help people transition from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X:

# Ripple Training

Steve delivers a full 58 minute FCP class for beginners that includes the media for following along with him in FCP.

Download the media here.

# Thomas Grove Carter

Thomas Grove Carter is a commercials, music video and film editor who cuts out of Trim Editing in London. He's awesome.

He has an incredible YouTube series called FCP FTW that show bite-size examples of how to get the most out of Final Cut Pro.

# Tyler Stalman

Tyler Stalman has a great 22 minute video called, Getting Started with Final Cut Pro: Beginners Tutorial.

# MotionVFX FCP Academy

Get the best tips & tricks, step up your editing game, and unleash the full potential of your creativity.

# Cinematographer's Guide to Showreels in Final Cut Pro

Whether you're doing your own showreel or preparing the files to send to an editor, ACS Member and Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer, Lee Herbet explains step by step how to use Final Cut Pro to manage the process easily from a cinematographer's point of view.

# Israel Hyman (Izzy)

One of our FCP Cafe visitors writes in the Comments below:

I highly recommend incorporating a tutorial by Israel Hyman (Izzy) into your resources. His YouTube tutorials are truly outstanding, featuring a well-paced and exceptionally explained approach. Don't miss out on them – there's three hours of free Final Cut training available!

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