# FCP Creative Summit

The Final Cut Pro Creative Summit in 2023 took place between 6th to 8th November at Apple Park & The Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.

They also offered discounted accommodation from Aloft Santa Clara.

Whether you are a trained professional or just starting your creative career, Apple has the software and tools you need to power your creative work. This unique event is where Apple power users and Final Cut Pro Professionals come together to learn and discuss their craft. We are excited to be back in Cupertino! The FCP Creative Summit features 2 full days of sessions in multiple tracks and a unique day at Apple!

FCP Cafe was an official marketing sponsor for the 2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit.

You were able to get 15% off for the conference fee by using the promo code FCPCAFE.

You can read about the 2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit on FCP Cafe:

Paul Matthijs Lombert from Hedge has also written about the FCP Creative Summit on his blog post titled, Visiting Cupertino.

You can visit the official website here.

You can find the official program here.

You can find a list of speakers here.

# Jenn Jager

The amazing Jenn Jager has posted a video on YouTube recapping the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit.

You can watch here:

You can learn more about Jenn here. She's the best.

# Justine Ezarik

The incredible Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine), was the keynote speaker at the 2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit:

# Why should you go?

Written by Iain Anderson.

If you’re an FCP editor, you might have considered going to the FCP Creative Summit at some point — and you probably should. This year, it’s cheaper than ever before (USD$299 - with an additional 15% off when you use the promo code FCPCAFE) and we’ll be visiting Apple Park.

It’s on from 6-8th November 2023, and kicks off with Apple Day; a keynote, then a visit to Apple Park where we will be shown something, at least. In previous years (2015-2019) we visited the old Apple campus, but this time we get to go to the shiny new one. There have been Global Summits held online, but they’re absolutely not the same. Yes, you can learn new things, but if you can’t eat too much Korean barbecue with new friends, it’s just not the same.

On the main two days of the conference, there will be many talks worth attending; some panels, a big, fun tip show, and plenty of talks in two separate tracks. I’m giving three talks (on 3D objects, 360° editing, hardware device) and I’ll be shamelessly bribing people to come to my talks with free koala giveaways. You can see a full list of almost all the speakers here and see a nearly-complete program here; you should find something for everyone. Chris Hocking, the kind and benevolent person behind this site and CommandPost, will also be there, as part of an expert panel on Digital Storytelling. And as at the last two in-person Summits, iJustine will be delivering the keynote address.

Each year, I try to record enough video to document the Summit for future years, and although the white balance in the rooms at the Juniper Hotel (where we were in 2019) is simply awful, here’s a short video which will give you a bit more of a flavour of what to expect:

It’s no secret that I like the Summit, even better than NAB. It’s not because it’s the best in-person FCP event of the year, though it is. It’s not even because you get to visit Apple and talk to the FCP team. Nope, because it’s the best place to make connections in the Final Cut Pro world, and because we haven’t had one of these since 2019. Too many of us toil away alone in our bunkers, and this is a chance to step into the sunlight and say hi.

See you there?

Iain has also written a post on ProVideo Coalition here.

# Official Press Release

Here's FMC's official press release for the 2023 event:

Cupertino, California (PRWEB) August 11, 2023 -- With immense anticipation and excitement, FMC, supported by Apple, proudly unveils the 2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit, which will take place on November 6, 7, and 8. The summit returns to Cupertino - a recognized hub of innovation - for the first time since 2019 and is set to be a momentous occasion. Building on the resounding success of last year's Final Cut Pro Summit roadshow, this eagerly-awaited event aims to foster collaboration and inspire boundless creativity in video editing.

The summit's kickoff allows attendees an unparalleled opportunity to discover the Apple campus and engage with the esteemed Apple team. This immersive journey offers participants the chance to acquire invaluable insights into the latest strides in Final Cut Pro on Mac and iPad, marking the exciting next phase in the expanded Final Cut Pro ecosystem.

The second and third days, hosted at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, offer a variety of immersive training sessions led by highly-experienced Apple Certified Trainers. Participants will traverse the intricate landscape of FCP software, exploring core features and vital plug-ins, mastering advanced compression and distribution techniques, and acquiring knowledge of audio and color correction best practices. Additionally, attendees will delve into compelling case studies, providing invaluable insights from leading industry specialists.

The summit will include an inspiring keynote address and exclusive sessions for FCP certification preparation, complementing the immersive training. Beyond gaining insights into industry trends and cutting-edge technologies, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their professional network and establish valuable connections, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. The Final Cut Pro Creative Summit is engineered to catalyze transformation, equipping participants to magnify their skills, explore new dimensions of creativity, and create lasting professional relationships.

"We're exhilarated to see the FCP Creative Summit making its triumphant return to Cupertino," shares Ben Kozuch, President and co-founder of Future Media Concepts. "In this year's edition, we strive to reignite the excitement for learning and reconstruct the formidable connections within our FCP community."

Join us this November to celebrate the exciting revival of the FCP Creative Summit in Cupertino. Be part of this unmatched blend of learning and networking for a pass priced at $299. For additional information, please visit https://fcpcreativesummits.com/.

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