# Motion Templates

This will eventually be a directory of the best Motion Templates.

In the meantime, we highly recommend Motion VFX.

There's also a database of free Motion Templates on FCPX Free: The World's Largest Collection of Free FCPX Plugins.

Create with a wide range of great video effects at FxFactory.

# A

# Adjustment Layers

Adjustment Layers from FxFactory is a free set of tools to help with layering effects & elements in the timeline. Quickly connect creative effects like double exposure, split screens or apply a color grade across multiple underlying clips. Also included are utility tools that help you with guided alignments, animating elements and more.

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# Annotator

Annotator is a set of flexible animated tools to mark or highlight part of your video.

With Annotator, you can draw on a hand-made arrow to point at something, throw a dotted box around something else, or even zoom in to focus on a solid circle. Though fully customisable options are included, this is not just another callout pack — it includes unique, exclusive recordings of hand-drawn animated shapes for an organic feel. Every shape includes several different options so you can use a new variation every time. You’ll find these shapes perfect for educational or instructional videos, cooking videos, reviews, or any time you need your viewers to look at something specific.

First, you’ll pick a style that suits your project — synthetic generated options with full control over stroke with and other line properties, or organic hand-drawn options recorded from the movement of a real pen. Next, from your chosen style, you’ll pick a shape:

  • Arrows to point at things.
  • Circles, Ovals, Rectangles and Squares to draw attention to something.
  • Lines to underline or highlight specific items and Zigzags to scribble items out. Zigzags are only available in the hand-made recorded styles.
  • Checkmarks (aka “ticks”) and Crosses to mark things as good or bad.
  • Zoom In, to magnify part of the image and optionally darken down everything else. Only available in the generated styles.

Every item here can be easily positioned, rotated and scaled using the on-screen controls. In the Inspector you can adjust many more properties about the shapes, like the color, the outline width, animation speed, and to change which organic recorded shape is shown. Dashed and Dotted styles include several relevant options so you can dial in the settings you want. Advanced controls let you add a drop shadow or a glow, or change the 3D rotation or anchor point.

All the shapes will work with any aspect ratio from vertical through ultra-wide.

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# B

# BadAss Fx

Arthur Moore makes some incredible free and paid plugins for Final Cut Pro.

His YouTube videos are also definitely worth checking out.

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# C

# Chris Roy Films

Chris Roy Films has a collection of Free FCP Templates, such as:

  • Keyframable 3D Camera
  • Parallax Push
  • Slide Wipe Advanced
  • Split-Screen Slide
  • Slide Wipe with Color

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# Continuum FCPX Looks

The Continuum FCPX Looks filter is a powerful plugin that includes a variety of presets for color gradients, diffusion, lighting gels, film stocks and lab processes!

BCC+ Looks Includes:

  • 80 drag-and-drop presets
  • Award-Winning Mocha tracking through Pixel Chooser: Quickly mask & isolate effects
  • Fully customizable: Easily adjust hue-sat, brightness, contrast, grain, and more
  • 8mm film stock, bleach by-pass, and day for night looks
  • Diffusion, color gradients, and lighting gels
  • Custom FX Editor: Browse and apply presets in seconds

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# D

# Dylan Bates - The Final Cut Bro

Dylan has a bunch of awesome Motion Templates for sale including:

  • Pro Zooms For Final Cut Pro
  • Motion Tools Plugin • 90+ Tools For Final Cut Pro
  • Picture In Picture for Final Cut Pro
  • SABER by The Final Cut Bro
  • Clone Stamp Tool For Final Cut Pro
  • Truly Handheld Plugin v2.0 For Final Cut Pro
  • Pro Shapes Plugin For Final Cut Pro
  • MrBeast Titles For Final Cut Pro
  • Light Wrap for Final Cut Pro

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# F

# FCPeffects

In July 2011, Turner & Emma launched FCPeffects.com in an effort to help Final Cut Pro editors work more efficiently and effectively on a tight budget.

They continue to take pride in offering powerful tools at affordable prices and providing prompt, friendly customer service.

They are dedicated to Final Cut Pro X and its users. They are family owned and operated and consider themselves blessed to have the opportunity to do what they do.

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# FCPxTemplates.com

FCPXTemplates.com is the "storefront" for Sight-Creations (the d.b.a. for F. X. Mahoney a.k.a., “Fox” Mahoney) since Nov. 1, 2013. There is also galleries of some of Fox's work, a few online tools like the Motion Template Backdater, and several blog entries.

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# FxFactory

Visual effect plugins and apps for video creators. FxFactory is THE App Store for Final Cut Pro editors.

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FxFactory is THE App Store for Final Cut Pro Professionals. It's like a "pro" version of the Apple App Store. The team behind it are also INCREDIBLE - so smart, so lovely, so talented.

Chris Hocking - 3rd June 2023

# L

# LenoFX

Awesome Plugins for Final Cut Pro. Perfect for Social Platforms and also for Work across a wide range of projects.

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# M

# MotionVFX

MotionVFX is a registered trademark of a company called MotionVFX sp. z o.o., founded by Szymon Masiak.

Szymon is well known in the computer graphic industry and has been working for over 25 years in the areas of computer games, commercials, and major motion pictures.

They are a small company of dedicated people based in the south of Poland.

They also make the BEST Final Cut Pro template and plugins in the world.

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MotionVFX are incredible. They make some of the most amazing templates and plugin, taking into account ANY app. I've purchased hundreds of their plugins over the years, and they're all rock solid. A+

Chris Hocking - 3rd June 2023

# P

# PiP Kit

PiP Kit is a Picture-in-Picture plug-in. It's packaged as Effects, not drop zones in generators or titles, so you can trim, roll, copy and paste effects, and save effects presets just as you can with any regular clip. To get started, just drag one of the effects to one of your clips, and start tweaking the settings.

As well as a solid border color, you can use a gradient or outline gradient. Position the outline centered on the edge, the inside or outside, or use the Outline Offset to make something original. Remove the border entirely or leave just a shadow with the Fade Outside slider.

You can scale a PiP up from nothing, at a choice of speeds (Fast, Medium, Slow), or scale down from a full-screen shot to reveal a clip underneath. PiP Kit also includes a special set of transitions that only affect the connected picture, ignoring the background.

To use these, turn off the built-in transitions by unchecking the Build In and Build Out, then look in the transitions browser to find funwithstuff PiP Kit. These transitions have to be applied to the correct “in” or “out” side of a clip to work properly, but they do allow you to customise the way a clip enters or leaves the frame.

PiP Kit also includes several adjustment layer titles that change everything below them, and uniquely, these adjustments fade in and out. You can use the Obscure effects to apply your choice of blur, gamma, brightness, vignette and crystallize, which fade in and out with controllable speeds. Use the fade or wipe variants just above your background clips to make your picture-in-picture clips really stand out.

The last adjustment layer enables a very popular trick: punching in and out smoothly. Add the Zoom in and Out title, trim it to where you want the zoom to happen, then customise the speed. Easy, and useful even if you’re not using a Picture in Picture effect.

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