# Benchmark

This page is dedicated to benchmarking Final Cut Pro.

# BruceX

BruceX is a small Final Cut Pro X XML file that you import into Final Cut Pro. It creates a very short timeline at a high resolution: 5120 by 2700 (at 23.975 fps). It uses standard Final Cut generators, titles and transitions. As it uses many layers of complex content, it requires lots of GPU RAM.

The Bruce X benchmark is based on timing how long a Mac configuration takes to export the project.

You can learn more here.

# Final Cut Pro Lag Test

Robbie Patton has created a simple test that stresses Final Cut Pro.

It contains a .png, a .wav and a .aiff. It shows that the .wav and .aiff interact and create performance lag.

Also included in the Final Cut Pro library is a video file explaining how to replicate this test. This issue has been reported to Apple.

You can download here.

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