# Camera Formats

This page contains a collection of the latest Final Cut Pro Camera Formats.

You can find the full list of Cameras supported by Final Cut Pro on Apple's site.

# B

# BRAW Toolbox

BRAW Toolbox allows you to import Blackmagic RAW files directly into Final Cut Pro without transcoding.

No more waiting. No more transcoding. No more massive ProRes files.

Save hours of time, and terabytes of storage!

The BRAW Toolbox Workflow Extension allows you to prepare all of your footage prior to import. You can easily and quickly change all the RAW parameters, and copy and paste settings from different BRAW clips. You can even save and restore Presets that contain specific parameters, saving time for example, if you always use the same Gamut & Gamma.

Once imported into Final Cut Pro, you can still modify the RAW parameters at any time.

You can even keyframe the ISO, Exposure, Color Temp, Tint and Custom Gamma Controls!

BRAW Toolbox comes with a Metadata View that allows you to view every piece of BRAW Metadata directly within the Final Cut Pro Inspector.

There are automatic Decode Quality options for both HD and UltraHD projects, and you can also work at a low Decode Quality, then apply a "Global Setting" to force Full Quality prior to exporting - meaning you never have to worry about creating proxies for performance. BRAW Toolbox gives you complete freedom and flexibility.

You can also use the Workflow Extension to send your project/timeline to DaVinci Resolve for grading - all using BRAW files directly from the camera!

BRAW Toolbox requires Final Cut Pro 10.6.5 or later.

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# User Reviews

This developer did what Apple Couldn't/Wouldn't
This app is a great solution to a common problem Final Cut Pro users have: getting Blackmagic Raw footage into the app. At first it might seem like a bizarre workaround, but you only have to go through the process of setting it up once, and then you can easily import your Blackmagic footage right into FCP. Honestly, from that point on it works so incredibly well that I really struggle to understand why Apple has made it so difficult. Except it's not difficult, not anymore. This is great software: a small developer solving a problem that a big one (Apple) can't. That's innovation, my friends.
moosefuel – Feb 3, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

The tool we have dreamed of is here.
For lovers of Final Cut Pro who have struggled with the endless BRAW proxy XML loop, this is a dream come true. BRAW natively inside Final Cut. Controls for RAW adjustments at your fingertips. Is it the full Resolve interface? No, doesnt need to be, Between BRAW ToolBox and FCP, most edits can be done natively without ever having the leave the Final Cut NLE. If you shoot any BRAW camera, this is the best of both worlds if you live in the FCP ecosystem. Thank you latenightfilms team for this, its a huge step forward and a wonderful plugin.
Chasing Photography – May 16, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

Just perfect.
Viaswage – Feb 18, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

Great! Love this! thank you!
NarimanGafurov – Feb 6, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

UMMMMMM THANK YOU, YOU'RE A GENIUS I've needed this for years!!!!!! You are a genius and this is incredible!!! Thank you so much!!! No clue how BM never made this.
gordonfromvan – Feb 4, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

I've been waiting for this!
I can finally use my two Blackmagic cameras and shoot in BRAW. As a Final Cut Pro editor, I'm really excited. The app is working great! I really appreciate the team at LateNite for all the hard work it took to get this up and running. Well worth the money to be able to handle BRAW seamlessly.
Scott_Hartman – Feb 2, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

Such an amazing plugin and works fantastic!
Grant Digital Sky – Feb 2, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

Absolutely Amazing.
Solves a massive problem and works beautifully!
Jmurphy8503 – Jan 31, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

The impossible made possible.
Amazing to work natively with BRAW in my favourite editor. Thank you!
MadMitch1993 – Jan 30, 2023 (Apple App Store Review)

# C

# Canon RAW Plugin

Canon RAW Plugin for Final Cut Pro is plugin software for importing and editing Canon RAW(CRM) clips with Final Cut Pro, which runs on macOS systems made by Apple Inc.

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# R

# RED Apple Workflow Installer

The RED® Apple® Workflow Installer is for Mac® systems running Final Cut Pro. You can use the plugins in the RED Apple Workflow Installer to import REDCODE® RAW clips as native REDCODE media or wrapped in QuickTime®. You also have the option to transcode clips directly to Apple ProRes codec.

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